Interpreter of Dreams

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He tried to hold dreams with his tiny hands,
but, like the sands of time, they slid away.
He wanted to play with dreams as if he did with toys from toy-land,
but ,like the ice-cream they melted away.
He chased the dreams as if they were geese in his backyard,
but at his slightest movement they cackled and flew away.
He wanted to grow up quickly and live the dreams,
but now, he sits quietly in his cell and interprets other’s dreams.

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Reconciling with Silence


She was looking for peace, solace and bliss in silence,
But silence was scaring, silence was devouring,
Silence was dark, silence was cold,
Suddenly she was afraid of the silence.

Her heart raced and questioned the silence,
Only the machines replied from that silence,
She could listen to her heart in that silence,
She could fight the demons from her childhood fairy tales in that silence.

Silence let her be she,
Silence showed her what she actually should be looking for…

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PS: This poem was composed & compiled  while on a 12 hr long flight and one of the inspirations was one of my favorite song U2 – I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For .

Filler Post


Dear Friends today I don’t have anything new to present to you as you know I am tied up elsewhere. Though I am more a prose person still let me present with great audacity  a few pieces which I call poems.  They are gathering dust in my other blog so I am just linking them here.

Fly High

End of the Beginning

I Want to Dream

Yes you can

One request gali mat dena jhel lena! Please….

Lastly one question : How long is the year new?