An open letter to the Baazigar


Baazigar: Kabhi kabhi kuch jeetne ke liye kuch harna bhi padta hai. Aur har kar jeetne walon ko Baazigar kehte hain, kya kehte hain?

[Baazigar(Gambler) : sometimes to win something you need to lose some. And one who loses some to WIN is called BAAZIGAR. What is he called ?]


Dear Baazigar,

We all know your famous dialogue from that film. Sir our question to you is that, is this the reason that you are owning a cricket team. The team which only knows harna (losing).  Your team stats till date :6 matches played 4 lost, 1 abandoned, 1 won(courtesy rain gods) and ranking in IPL 2.0 is #8. Mr. Baazigar are you asking your Mr. coach when is he going to  apply his multiple captain theory ? Does he have a “strategy”  for changing captains in his Laptop? BTW do you know your captain said today that he’ll step down if the team does not reach semi-finals (giggles 😛 )  and now the team is struggling to hold on to its last year’s position.

Sir your team’s Mr. Big hitter will leave soon then what’ll you do ? Is not time that you understand that controversy and negative publicity works in your profession, this is cricket, please leave it to the experts. We hear people  saying “Bhaisahab Is bar IPL mein sab ki jeet pakki siway aap ke team ki” (Sir this time everybody’s going to win in IPL is confirmed expect your teams).

We know its your team and your money(or sponsor’s), we understand your pain but we write you this letter because you had used our beloved city’s name for your team. It hurts us Kolkatans when people mock us saying “korbo lorbo jitbo re(will do will fight will win)”. Please show your magic and do(koro), fight(loro) and win (jeto). Lastly but certainly not the least what happened to your “Angels” maybe if they give “jadu ki jhappi” (nice little hug) to your Knights then things might work.

We think you are taking a cue from Deccan Chargers that you finish last this season and end at top next season that is if you don’t sell off this team to someone by next season. Good we will wait n watch “kyunki Thakur Karan Arjun jetenge jaroor jeetenge”(Because Karan {your coach} Arjun{your captain} will certainly win).

Thanking You,
Yours Sincerely
ardent fans of  KKRkkr_badge1_200

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The Sunday morning fishy affair


Statutory Warning : This post is purely for the Non-vegetarians, so vegans, PFA, PETA, Green Peace and all other animal right’s supporters please excuse, I respect your views and if this article hurts your feelings I don’t mean to do it. 


One of the true Bong(Bengali- as the people from West Bengal a state in the eastern part of India are called) identity is bajar kora(going to market for vegetables and fish). This is a daily morning affair for a Bong in Bongo(West Bengal), its generally done by the male member of the family who goes to the nearby bajar (market) with tholi(bag) for daily supply of vegetables and fish. I think every male bongo sontan(son of bengal) has been to bajar at least once in his lifetime. The traditional bajar kora(marketing) has got two major parts one being vegetables and essential other one being the fish and another optional third part being khoborer kagoj(News paper), misti (sweets), ful(flowers) etc. We cherish this bajar kora lots of funny stories are associated with it like one man is going to bajar with tholi another asks “ki dada, kothay cholen ? bajarey naki?” (what sir, where are you going to ? market?) and the answer might be “na football khelte”(no going to play football). Now I said fish being essential because its world famous that bongs are very mecho (fishy literally, i mean fish lovers). A meal for bong without ek tukro maach(a morsel of fish) is not a meal at all.

The moment you enter the market you’ll come across a lot of din with the maachwalas/maachwollis(fish seller male/female) shouting at top of their voices announcing their varieties and prices. The typical conversation in mach bajar(fish market) is “kire shyamal aaj chingri koto kore ?”(“hey shyamal(the fish seller) what’s the price of prawn[chingri] today”) though you may have heard the price from the shouting Shaymal but you want know your special price. Answer generally is the same price. you say “koto kore dibi bol”(“In what price you’ll give me”), Shyamal may say “arey Sona da asun apni nin na…ei 1 kg tol to”(“Oh sona da[thats ur name followed by respectful “da”] come take” then shyamal instructs to his assistant give 1 kg”), then Sona da(you) jumps and will say “ore dara agey koto kore dibi bol tarpor aar ek kg ki korbo gusti shudhu ke khawabo naki”(“hey wait first tell the price and what will I do with 1 kg shall I feed my forefathers from 14 generations”). In this way bargain goes on and finally the price, quantity etc is agreed and the transaction is done. You return home satisfied with the deal u got and happy that one more day your family can have their favorite item on their paat(meal). On they way back you meet your acquaintances and the conversations can be “sona da bajar korlen naki ? ki maach nilen ? koto kore porlo ?”(sona da coming from market ? what fish you bought? what was the price you paid?” ). You answer everything except you don’t disclose the real price if the person is not any one close as you have got an exclusive deal which obvisiouly can’t be made public. BTW Shymal above can be replaced by Nantu, Pintu, Pocha etc Sona da can be Amiyo da, Bachhu da, Bapi da or Chingri can be one of the innumerable fishes in that fish infested state 😉 

Now if you have read thus far and thinking bong’s bajar kora is fine but where’s the “Sunday morning fishy affair”, well friends have patience every story has a bhumika(back drop) thats what I was doing till now.


 So being a true bong it was my daily ritual when I was in bongo(West Bengal) to do bajar a tradition passed down the generations to me. But now that I am a bong not residing in Bongo and as they say you can take a Bong of Bengal but cannot take fish out of a bong, I have found out a bajar(market) rather a macher bajar(fish market) in Bangalore. Though in this silicon valley of India you have fish stall and vegetable sellers selling vegetables on hand cart right at your door step nothing can compare a bajar and bajar kora. But the hectic schedule and distance has made the daily affair to a weekly affair or rather a weekend affair mostly on Sundays. 

If you visit the macher bajar on Sunday here you get to see the neo rich bongs in full colors there get ek tukro maach(a morsel of fish) to their paat(meal). What is predominantly a male affair in bongo here we see it as full family outing with husband, wife, in-laws, kids, siblings who come packed in Santros, Altos, Maruti 800s i mean at times you feel they are in for a picnic. Bongs being garrulous you can imagine the decibel levels in the market. You need to go early otherwise you’ll see stylized bong women in all shapes and sizes dressed in sleevless and skirts or tight jeans/T-shirts blocking your way and almost screaming “Shiekh[fish seller] ek achha sa bora sa Katla nikalo, dim nahi hona”(Shiekh bring out one big and nice katla[a fish variety] should not have eggs) while their men watch timidly from a distance who are only called at the time of payment. Hats off to these liberated, independent women who share everything equally with the men. Also if you look at the quantity of fish they procure… ahem it can feed several dozens for a gala dinner. So after these self proclaimed Divas let you some space you tell “Sheikh ek der kilo ka Rohu ya katla do”(Shiekh give one 1.5 kg size Rohu or Katla[fish variety]) which you get and also you have to specify “bengali cutting” for the fish to be cut and cleaned as per the standards of Bengal, this is a bonus as nowadays in Kolkata u need to pay extra to specialized cutters doing the job for you. After ensuring the week long supply of maach(fish) you move on to sobji bajar(vegetables market-well you can’t only eat maach whole week), which I avoid as I prefer the home-delivering hand-carts for vegetables .After sobji(vegetables) you fill yourself gorom singara, kochuri and misti(hot samosas, kachoori and sweets) and finally you head home feeling happy that one more week you can be a true Bong and successfully concluded the bajar kora expedition of the Sunday. 

So till next Sunday “Benche thak Bangali, dhoodhey bhaatey aare maachey”(Long Live Bengali with milk, rice and fish[staple food]).

Bonus :  Those of you want to get fishy, Bong way. Check out the Recipe of Bengali Macher Jhol(Fish Curry) –

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Platonic Love – A myth or a reality


gfx_platonic_relationshipsWikipedia says and I quote “Platonic love (Latin: amor platonicus) is a deep and spiritual connection between two individuals: within such a relationship there does not exist any form of sexual connection or sexual elements.”

Webster Online dictionary defines Platonic Love as ” A pure, spiritual affection, subsisting between persons of opposite sex, unmixed with carnal desires, and regarding the mind only and its excellences; — a species of love for which Plato was a warm advocate.”

This concept of “Platonic Love” used to puzzle me a long time back but it came to fore again after I watched the Bengali movie ‘Anuronon’ the debut film by Anirudha Roy Choudhury in which he showed a platonic relationship very sensitively. The question which always plagued me was Is Platonic Love a reality or a myth ? Because I have never seen it happen in my life or seen it happen in lives of people known to me its something that always I have read about or seen in a movie. I mean is it possible to love someone intensely from opposite sex asexually. Is it possible to keep it only mental, without involvement of physical aspect and that too today’s time and age. When we are being repeatedly pushed to become materialistic,that is go physical satisfaction more than anything else. Can we keep the body totally out of a “man-woman” relationship ?


Actually if you read the complete wiki article on Platonic Love you’ll see that Plato the advocate this type of love had actually not meant it the way its being interpreted. I again quote from the wiki article

“According to Linda Rapp, Ficino, by Platonic love, meant “…a relationship that included both the physical and the spiritual.” Thus, Ficino’s view is that love is “the desire for beauty, which is the image of the divine.””.

So readers, I request your  honest opinion on this subject that is please narrate any instances where you or any acquaintance has come accross a true example of “Platonic Love”.


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Old V/s New… the argument continues…


Yesterday while reading a post related to Old Bangalore V/s New Bangalore I found the author was very critical about the changes that’s happening to his beloved city. This brought to my mind the age old debate of old v/s new. I also had mentioned similar feelings about my hometown Kolkata changing but I am not complaining much about the changes. We often come across this dilema in the society when we try to argue for which is best. Many say “Old is Gold” but we also say that “Change is inevitable” thats how the nature is built. The earth today is not what it was millions of years ago. Old is history, grey hairs while new is future which is mystery. That’s why most of us are afraid of the new or change.

We are seeing similar debate being raged by ‘Times of India’ in their quest for ‘Young India’ slogan where they are constantly asking why should country whose majority of the population is young be ruled by some old hogs. Yes the question is quite right and we can say the country progressed a lot in the hands of Late Shri Rajiv Gandhi(who was the youngest prime minister of India) but it did same under Smt. Indira Gandhi or Shri Atal Vihari Vajpayee ji or we keep getting example of Mr. Narendra Modi being a able admisnistrator of the most progressive state of the country, these are all old people.

The same debate was faced by the selectors of the Indian Cricket lately with regards to the falling form of the senior members of the team leading to the  subsequent retirement of a couple of them. Now the way the team is reaching the pinnacle of performance, can we say that all is due to the rush of young blood in the team. Well I think its the right mix of senior and newcomers thats doing the trick.

We do have hundreds of examples on this type of right mix of young and old. We cannot write-off either, Old has to make way for the new but how its happening is what matters. Like I said I am not complaining about the changes happening to Kolkata as it happening for good, its required but in Bangalore I am complaining. So to make the change a good one, the responsibilty solely rests upon the ones bringing the change.

Finally I would say “Old is Gold” at the same time “Change is Good”. What say people ? If you have read this entire post please do leave your opnion on this, let’s see what you feel ?

First month wrap-up


Today I have completed 1 month of blogging … ….

Introduction:This month has been quite exiciting by trying to think on what to post and what to not…
Since I started blogging myself I am getting to know the jargons of the blog world, also about various tools and how actually this blogging stuff works and how it does not.

Stats :10(including this one) posts 0 comments- was a little disappointed initially but wordpress says “It’s okay — there is no rush”so I am waiting……, 150+ unique visitors @ avg of 9 hits perday(paltry) this Apr’09 :D, got some referals as well.

The going till now :

A. Started another exclusive travel blog – as I felt the travel posts are too long and cluttering up the main blog. BTW 10 post include 3 travel blogs which will be redirected soon to travel blog so the count of posts will be 7 but that’s fine I have lots more to post 😛
B. Stumbled upon the 20 in 2009 challenge and jumped into it but I have hit the ‘reader’s block’ so please help me !!!

Lessons Learnt : To be a popular blogger along with being a good writer you have to be a voracious blog reader to know whats buzz around the blogosphere(jargon i learnt 🙂 ). To pull more hits to your site you need to leave comments in others site so that they visit back or link back.  You need to do a lot of networking actually some people blog full time. The blog world is humongous just take a look at this stat from wordpress home page @ 15.25 IST “202,337 bloggers, 148,713 new posts, 37,447,904 words today” OMG millions of posts everyday so to get those hits you a good effort.BTW there are hundreds of ‘How to popularize your blog’ tips and tricks advice just google and you’ll see I am trying some of them lets see what happens.

I am just a begginer in this big world of writing and need tons of improvement in writing skills which I am trying and need reviews and comments would which I believe I would get soon 😀 (Hmm.. confidence 😎 ). Somewhere I was reading that people should develop alternate skills in these times of crisis (recession), so I am trying to do that.  And I am yet to find my niche in the blog world.  So anyone who’s reading this blog please please leave comments so that I can improve and cover my mistakes ….

Final word :Does all this mean I am becoming a serious blogger if not an obessed one ???

Tweet Tweet…Tweet Tweet…

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Catch my tweets on the sidebar here, so ultimately I am also on A wikipedia article on microblogging says

 the most notable service is Twitter, which was launched in July 2006 and won the Web Award in the blog category at the 2007 South by Southwest Conference in Austin, Texas….

I had been using a similar feature in Facebook(Your status feature) but twitter is simply gr8. So from now whatever below 140 chars will be on (anyways they are on the sidebar here) rest larger posts on this blog :D…
so keep checking the tweets ….    

Trivia- Below are some interesting news articles involving twitter, just for time-pass 😉 :
1. Demi’s Twitter post saved woman’s life  
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3. Twitter arises from Mumbai ashes

Love U, Miss U Kolkata…A Nostalgic yearning ….


“Miss u Kolkata”is the latest album by Rajesh Roy a Keyboardist-turned-singer/producer. I heard the title song on Radio Mirchi, Kolkata, when I was in Kolkata recently. In the title song ‘Miss u Kolkata’ Rajesh Roy has got the sentiment of a NRK (Non Resident Kolkatan) aptly. Some of portions of lyrics say “Born and Raised in Kolkata, Love U Miss U Kolkata” then “School college education prothom (means first) infatuation “ and so on… The song took a special place in my heart not only because it was depicting my similar emotions but got to listen it at a time when I myself was on a nostalgic trip of Kolkata.  Though I was born in Hyderabad but being raised in Kolkata I call myself a NRK.

On this visit I realized how much nostalgia that city has for me. In my earlier visits I was not having enough time to go round the city but this time I actually explored the city on a journey of rediscovery.
Yes I rediscovered Kolkata by walking down the lanes in Esplande/Dharmotolla to Chowringee to Park street to Camac street, by taking the metro from Park street to Rabindra Sarovar and then a ‘share’ auto to Jadavpur Thana, by boarding SD4[a bus route] from Rashbihari to Dhakuria, by alighting a local train from Dhakuria to Sonarpur. All these sojourns were a trip down the memory lane and its then I realized the tons of memory these places hold. Why should it not be, I spent my enitre growing up years (more than 18) in that city. Every nook and corner of the city is having the pebbles of memory for me to collect of which I have got only a palmfull but a lot is still left and don’t know how many more trips I require to collect all of them. In last 3 years a lot of things have changed like many old buildings gone, shops, cinema halls closed down, new buildings, shops, malls have taken their place but the localities are still there, which remind me of good ol’ days :).

How strange it is that you realize the contribution each thing has to your life after you have moved on. Maybe after many years if I move away from Bangalore I’ll feel the same for Bangalore as well same Nostalgia…. but will I ever be able to become a NonResident Bangalorean (NRB) ???

Powerless in Cybercity

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Powerless means without power… the electricity that runs our tv, fridge etc all the stuff. Yet another evening was wasted courtesy to the power cut in the city which is called the ‘cybercity’, ‘the silicon valley’ of India. Three years back when I first moved into Bangalore I was shocked to witness the long power cuts. I mean you want watch tv in the evening kaput …everything goes dark…. u want to a have hot shower before leaving for office no power so, no hot water… weekends plagued by day long power cuts…. all this reminded me of the dark days of my school years in Kolkata when we used study under candle light or oil lamps but that was only in the evenings and that too decade and half back. It was truly nightmarish to relive those dark days in fact worst situation in Bangalore.

Two years back my friend had devised a ‘Curse CM’ formula…. that is if the power went off for more than 30 mins in the evening, he would curse and call names for the then CM and within 5 mins power would be on… don’t if the CM heard or somehow it seemed to work but now with the change of CM its stopped working. Its quite frustrating to have candle lit dinners regularly, you really don’t what you are eating. Specially these summer months are peak of survival woes with no power, no water nothing to do but wait and hope.

It surprises me to see the basic infrastructure (bijli, sadak, pani) issues in a metro like this, especially being grown up in another metro which is far more improved in the bijli, sadak, paani front. Elections come and go, governments change but issues remain. The two things about this city the weather and the people that kept the hope till now, with the weather worsening, its the people who are the last refuge in this city.

BTW there’s a positive side to it this city does not need to celebrate ‘Earth Hour’ once a year…its doing a lot to save us from global warming by following ‘Earth Weekend’ ‘Earth Day’ ‘Earth Evening’ ‘Earth Morning’. Actually I generally don’t rave and rant about things like these but sometimes you get too f***ed up….

So here i am waiting for the next powerless moments in Cybercity ….

Jaago re to the Dance of Democracy

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Jaago re is campaign by an NGO and Tata Tea backed by a number of corporates and media companies. Its gr8 to see that corporates and media trying to create awareness about the fundamental right of citizens of a democratic country. The Lead India campaign by TOI also a superb initiative in this direction. All these reminds me of my late grandmother who at 86 inspite of being bed ridden wanted to be carried to the booth on election day so that she can vote…. who created awareness in her? My Granny is not an exception. I have seen thousands of senior citizens in West Bengal lining up to vote. Where do they get so much enthu ? I don’t know about others but I myself have been voting since I gained eligibility, in all elections right from the housing society to parliament. Did I need a corporate spending millions to teach me my duty ?  I think this has something to do with the environment maybe as I have been raised in a politically aware and charged up state this thing came naturally to me. As elections in my state are no less that a festival but when I see Bangalore nothing of that scale happens it surprises me…

The Gen Y here cares the least about the elections I guess…maybe thats why they need corporates shouting at the top of their voices asking everyone to go and vote, do their fundamental duty. I have also registered with the jaago re  site so that I can vote in my current place of residence but the red tape that I faced did budge me a bit…
so do I say jaago re… vote karo re.. because every vote counts 🙂

Blog Browsing


This activity started after I myself started my blog…. its similar to browsing Internet where you keep jumping from one page to another by clicking links. I used do it mostly while googling something. It worked like this once the list of searches come I click on link and go the site and then click some link there and continue the process till I end up in a page totally dealing with something else. Nowadays I am seeing that google search return a lot of posts from blogs and after reading the blog some links catch my eye and it takes me to some blog which leads me to somewhere else and finally I am ending up somewhere i had never imagined. Like it happened today I was searching for ‘Hubli to Karwar taxi fare’ and reached a post talking something about it and then after reading some posts I kept jumping from one blog to some other blog and finally ended up in a blog called ’20in2009′. Its a interesting Challenge/contest where the participant has to complete reading 20 books in 2009. I got inspired and took up the challenge. Classic case of  “Jana tha Japan pounch gaye Chin” samajh gaye naa 🙂 🙂 🙂

Revelations from blog browsing : 

  • A good past time activity if not a full fleged hobby
  • Thousands of great writers writing on everything under the sun and doing a great job.
  • I need to buckle up 😀 need improve my writing skills.
  • Good opportunity to learn a lot, like in one of my blog browsing soujourns i ended up getting valuable advice on Financial planning 🙂
  • Lots of free gyan… almost free i mean if you are using somebody else’s internet connection 😉

so if you have time keep ‘blog browsing’ … ghumte raho… aish karo…