While sorting through some old notes I stumbled upon the lines below. They were written  in Bengali, obviously I have translated in English for non-bengali readers but as it often happens in translation the soul is lost but I think this one was very easy so it’s very close to the original.

Happy Birthday

Today, 17th Sraban your Birthday.

I still receive the email reminding your birthday every year,
You used to get annoyed on seeing the reminder for the biggest day of your life.

‘Can’t even remember this much’ you had said with a serious face,
And then added ‘This way you’ll forget me as well one day’

I used to smile and say ‘that’s why this eternal reminder’
So, even today I remember your birthday.

Another big date of your life 21st Boishak I remember too,
No! A reminder is not required for it though.

Note: I have not changed the dates from Bengali to English months as somethings should not be translated.  FYI Boishak is one of the auspicious months for marriage in Bengal.

One more thing do you think the first and last 2 lines spoiled the poem? Reason for asking is they were not a part of the original, just added by me while posting.

Update: Before this post my blog had 997 total comments and Now it has 1K ! Yay! A milestone indeed …and I am Glad that it is Neha‘s comment which got me there 😀 …Thank you all for being so generous with your views here…So Now …10K comments ? 😛