The journey continues


Before I get on with the nitty gritties of where I was? What I was doing etc etc. Let me tell that while reading One year old and Counting… at Neha’s Blog I remembered that on 13th March 2009 I had started blogging and that meant I too have completed a year here. Actually a landmark personal event in last few weeks had wiped out the memory of this ‘little’ event.

My story of How I started blogging is nothing special, which I have probably told earlier but I think no harm in revisiting.  It so happened that last year around this time I was having ample time(a rare commodity in my profession) and somehow landed up in the blogosphere and started reading some amazing blogs. Its then that I got inspired and thought why not try it after all it costs me only electricity & internet bill(back then I didnot have the unlimited plan).

Looking back at the first post I see I had called it ‘Jatra shuru’ which means the journey begins and truly never thought I’ll reach here as I do not have a very big network. Those of you who have added me in social networking sites can see that half of the ‘friends’ are fellow bloggers. Only person who would read my blog was my dear little sister.So How did it happen?

All the Kudos to YOU, wonderful fellow bloggers who opened their floodgates of comments and encouragements. People generally have awards, rewards etc to commemorate this type of event but I just have two words THANK YOU. Today I wish to keep this blog running so that I can have many more such anniversaries and I am sure with you guys around we can together continue this journey into infinity(literally ofcourse).

Again a “small” post which means “bigger” ones are waiting to hit soon so BE  PREPARED.

The dreary stubbled face is back


WordPress bloggers or blogs that support gravatar must have started seeing the depressing stubble face again on their blogs and the rest are seeing the name and the familiar url. Yes! I am back( music please). I have kept my promise and was completely absent from the wired world so much so that didn’t answer your comments even!(a grave sin).

Meanwhile within this time loads and loads of posts have flown under the blogsville which my google reader has been diligently recording, the current count says 430 unread posts. So as I clear the mountain of posts reading and commenting it will be some time before you see posts in this blog :D. And yes I have a lot to talk about. Last obviously not least it was very reassuring to see a post wanting you back soon :), a post awarding you awards and the blog receiving traffic at a constant rate. Though Indiblogger rank has gone down drastically but that’s temporary we all know.

Note: Was away only three weeks or so… but seems ages…