Last Saturday, I had a chance to watch the play “Nothing like Lear” by Rajat Kapoor, an Indian actor, writer and director.  Here, in this post I want to talk about my experience and this is not a review as I think I am not capable enough to do a review.

We had entered the auditorium about 10 minutes before the final bell, almost all seats were gone. The show was houseful.   The auditorium was nice with cozy seats, lighting etc. Actually there were more people than the number of seats so the authorities were having a little tough time adjusting people around. That’s when the director Rajat Kapoor came out to help. A lady close by was almost hysteric and frantically calling her husband to click a picture of the director. Nevertheless as people were adjusting to their seats, Vinay Pathak, the aktorey, as he calls himself in the play, dressed as a clown entered onto stage.

He began by addressing the audience, “It’s not started yet, you can do something else”, and thus began the ninety minutes of brilliance on stage. Vinay actively engaged with the audience with his powerful acting,  immaculate Russian English accent, his comic timing etc., which left audience captivated. Though taking pictures was not allowed, people were clicking from their cellphones and when Vinay noticed, he actually obliged fans by posing for them.

The play is intelligently written monologue.  It is a story based on Shakespeare’s one of the darkest plays, King Lear. It talks about old age, betrayal, tragic father-daughter relationship, travails of foolish love, etc quite similar to original play.

Like I said earlier, I did not realize how quickly the ninety minutes went by and the play was over before I knew. The audience was leaving reluctantly, probably they were wanting to watch more.

It’s going to be one of the best plays I ever watched.