The Last Ball


Namaste Sirji. Oh you don’t know me right? I am Ramshankar Yadav son of Dayashakar Yadav. I sell balls(those multi-coloured ones) at this crossing.  I see you are trying to recognize me please don’t try sir you won’t remember as there are a number of us. No sir I am not asking you to buy one ball as I have sold all of them today like I mostly do. But do you remember that Saturday night. The night when it was raining cats n dogs and traffic was hell. You were with Madamji(she looked so happy) and I approached your SUV. Your baby who was on Madam’s lap looked at the ball and wanted it, so put his little hand out to hold the ball but Madam quickly pulled his hands in and rolled up the window. It was raining and the little boys hands were getting wet so memsahib did the right thing. But sir your boy liked the ball very much and he was squealing. Actually sir kids like the balls very much.

I waited there for sometime hoping that you would buy it from me. Its not a very costly ball sir just Rs.25/-. You could have bought it easily if I may say so. Its not a Chinese product, sir we make it with our own hands. The mahajan gives us the raw materials and we make them and sell at this crossing and give the mahajan back the amount excluding our ‘commission’.

Well you could have taken the ball for yourself too. You could have kept it in your cubicle sir or you could use for the basketball on your floor. You are wondering How a ball seller like me knows about cubicles, basketballs. You see before coming here I was working in garment factory as office boy. There the computer bhaiyaa(a very nice guy) had told me that in big offices people have games, toys, gods, fish bowls etc in their cubicles. You must be thinking that what I am doing here when I had a ‘secure’ job. Well actually  the Boss(the factory owner) used to beat me for small mistakes and one day I thought it was enough. You know even my father had never hit me so I left the job and landed into this ball business. I don’t regret sir as initially the business was very good because I was the only one here but then with time many more joined the fray and sales have started dropping but still I can manage and I am happy because I am my own boss here.

But sir that day business was very bad due to rain and I needed that money badly for Chutki. Chutki is my little sister sir. Since our parents were washed away by the floods she stays with me here. She was very ill for some days and I needed the money to buy some fruits and milk for her. We don’t worry about medicines because we have Tom uncle in our basti, provides the medicine from the charitable trust’s home free of cost. Tom uncle is not a doctor he is what you all call a ‘quack'(he is courier boy by the day) but in times of need its his medicine that works. Don’t be perplexed sir Chutki is fine now and has started going to school again but that day I waited for some more time in rain and then went home as it was getting late with just milk. On the way back I dropped at Tom uncle’s ‘clinic’ and he gave some fruits which was given to him by one of his ‘patients’. Theres a saying in bengali “Rakhe Hori mare ke” which means “If God’s with you no one can harm you”.

Anyway sir the signal is turning green you have to hurry. Sorry for disturbing you and wasting your time. And thank you for listening to me and not rolling up the window this time. Are you wondering what happened to the last ball? I couldn’t sell it that day.

PS: This is a work of fiction though I have known some of the characters from very close quarters specially the Tom Uncle(obviously name changed).

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Second month Wrap-up


Actually I should have written this couple of days back but somehow got delay :(. Nevertheless its been 2 months since I started this blog and WOW the going’s been I must say great.


First things first in this second month I got my first award isn’t it too soon :D. Well THANKS Kaddu for considering me for the honour and I am elated. I am supposed to pass on this award to anyone but the problem is whoever I want to Pass it to has already got it a many times over but I must mention some names here and they are not in any order  Adesh Sidhu, Kadambari Singhania , Pal, Kadambari Iyer, Tikuli, Mukund, Mixedblessings89 and all others who have commented and reviewed in my blog(some of the reviews are there on my sidebar).
A special mention about SM Thank you for being a regular visitor and commenting consistently and I love your realityviews 😀 and AnjieThanks a lot for being my very first reviewer and commenter.
Besides Thanks to my family and my offline friends for your suggestions and opinions (How can I leave them out).

Ok 2 months done and the stats are : number of posts 18+1(way below target I can do better, yes I can), 1200+ visitors , around 34 comments (including my replies 😉  more ). So am I  a rocking blogger? Well no I need to improve miles like I said before.

This month was also spent in reading hundreds(well almost) of blogs and commenting but I realized I am not a good commenter at all most of the times I did not know what to say after reading the posts.
Out to many reviews the biggest complaints were about the lenght of posts(size does matter) and having less pictures. I know a picture is worth a thousand words but I am more of a textual person but anyway I am trying to bring down the size and add more pictures. Point taken.

While reading different blogs I discovered that most of the bloggers are really very good more so with Indian bloggers THEY truly rock.

Talking of Indian Bloggers I must thank ‘Indiblogger‘ for most of my blogger friends are thru it only. One more thing I noticed that Indian Blogosphere is round(gol) that’s because whichever network you follow and reach blogs you end up with familiar names in Blogroll or comments :).
Lastly is there any connection between blogging and putting on weight as my weighting scale is indicating northward movement, Hmmm… needs closer observation.

P.S : Excuse me for not using any major pictures in this post other than smileys.

First month wrap-up


Today I have completed 1 month of blogging … ….

Introduction:This month has been quite exiciting by trying to think on what to post and what to not…
Since I started blogging myself I am getting to know the jargons of the blog world, also about various tools and how actually this blogging stuff works and how it does not.

Stats :10(including this one) posts 0 comments- was a little disappointed initially but wordpress says “It’s okay — there is no rush”so I am waiting……, 150+ unique visitors @ avg of 9 hits perday(paltry) this Apr’09 :D, got some referals as well.

The going till now :

A. Started another exclusive travel blog – as I felt the travel posts are too long and cluttering up the main blog. BTW 10 post include 3 travel blogs which will be redirected soon to travel blog so the count of posts will be 7 but that’s fine I have lots more to post 😛
B. Stumbled upon the 20 in 2009 challenge and jumped into it but I have hit the ‘reader’s block’ so please help me !!!

Lessons Learnt : To be a popular blogger along with being a good writer you have to be a voracious blog reader to know whats buzz around the blogosphere(jargon i learnt 🙂 ). To pull more hits to your site you need to leave comments in others site so that they visit back or link back.  You need to do a lot of networking actually some people blog full time. The blog world is humongous just take a look at this stat from wordpress home page @ 15.25 IST “202,337 bloggers, 148,713 new posts, 37,447,904 words today” OMG millions of posts everyday so to get those hits you a good effort.BTW there are hundreds of ‘How to popularize your blog’ tips and tricks advice just google and you’ll see I am trying some of them lets see what happens.

I am just a begginer in this big world of writing and need tons of improvement in writing skills which I am trying and need reviews and comments would which I believe I would get soon 😀 (Hmm.. confidence 😎 ). Somewhere I was reading that people should develop alternate skills in these times of crisis (recession), so I am trying to do that.  And I am yet to find my niche in the blog world.  So anyone who’s reading this blog please please leave comments so that I can improve and cover my mistakes ….

Final word :Does all this mean I am becoming a serious blogger if not an obessed one ???

Love U, Miss U Kolkata…A Nostalgic yearning ….


“Miss u Kolkata”is the latest album by Rajesh Roy a Keyboardist-turned-singer/producer. I heard the title song on Radio Mirchi, Kolkata, when I was in Kolkata recently. In the title song ‘Miss u Kolkata’ Rajesh Roy has got the sentiment of a NRK (Non Resident Kolkatan) aptly. Some of portions of lyrics say “Born and Raised in Kolkata, Love U Miss U Kolkata” then “School college education prothom (means first) infatuation “ and so on… The song took a special place in my heart not only because it was depicting my similar emotions but got to listen it at a time when I myself was on a nostalgic trip of Kolkata.  Though I was born in Hyderabad but being raised in Kolkata I call myself a NRK.

On this visit I realized how much nostalgia that city has for me. In my earlier visits I was not having enough time to go round the city but this time I actually explored the city on a journey of rediscovery.
Yes I rediscovered Kolkata by walking down the lanes in Esplande/Dharmotolla to Chowringee to Park street to Camac street, by taking the metro from Park street to Rabindra Sarovar and then a ‘share’ auto to Jadavpur Thana, by boarding SD4[a bus route] from Rashbihari to Dhakuria, by alighting a local train from Dhakuria to Sonarpur. All these sojourns were a trip down the memory lane and its then I realized the tons of memory these places hold. Why should it not be, I spent my enitre growing up years (more than 18) in that city. Every nook and corner of the city is having the pebbles of memory for me to collect of which I have got only a palmfull but a lot is still left and don’t know how many more trips I require to collect all of them. In last 3 years a lot of things have changed like many old buildings gone, shops, cinema halls closed down, new buildings, shops, malls have taken their place but the localities are still there, which remind me of good ol’ days :).

How strange it is that you realize the contribution each thing has to your life after you have moved on. Maybe after many years if I move away from Bangalore I’ll feel the same for Bangalore as well same Nostalgia…. but will I ever be able to become a NonResident Bangalorean (NRB) ???

Blog Browsing


This activity started after I myself started my blog…. its similar to browsing Internet where you keep jumping from one page to another by clicking links. I used do it mostly while googling something. It worked like this once the list of searches come I click on link and go the site and then click some link there and continue the process till I end up in a page totally dealing with something else. Nowadays I am seeing that google search return a lot of posts from blogs and after reading the blog some links catch my eye and it takes me to some blog which leads me to somewhere else and finally I am ending up somewhere i had never imagined. Like it happened today I was searching for ‘Hubli to Karwar taxi fare’ and reached a post talking something about it and then after reading some posts I kept jumping from one blog to some other blog and finally ended up in a blog called ’20in2009′. Its a interesting Challenge/contest where the participant has to complete reading 20 books in 2009. I got inspired and took up the challenge. Classic case of  “Jana tha Japan pounch gaye Chin” samajh gaye naa 🙂 🙂 🙂

Revelations from blog browsing : 

  • A good past time activity if not a full fleged hobby
  • Thousands of great writers writing on everything under the sun and doing a great job.
  • I need to buckle up 😀 need improve my writing skills.
  • Good opportunity to learn a lot, like in one of my blog browsing soujourns i ended up getting valuable advice on Financial planning 🙂
  • Lots of free gyan… almost free i mean if you are using somebody else’s internet connection 😉

so if you have time keep ‘blog browsing’ … ghumte raho… aish karo…

Pappu ka Amrica Safar…Part 3 (Lautke Pappu Ghar ko aye….The Homecoming Story)

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The post has been shifted to in a exclusive travel blog. Kindly read it there.

Pappu ka Amrica Safar…Part 2(pappu Amrica mein kya kiya ??? What happened there??? )

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to be continued….

Pappu ka Amrica Safar…Part 1(Chala pappu Amrica …On the Way to Uncle Sam’s Country)

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The post has been shifted to in a exclusive travel blog. Kindly read it there

to be continued….

Jatra Shuru

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‘Jatra Shuru’  is the name of the “Bhoomi” ‘s first album. “Bhoomi” the uber popular bangla band. ‘Jatra Suru’ means ‘The journey begins’. So do i mean blogging is a journey ? Well isn’t blogging chronicling ones life-the events, the opnions, the everyday stories, isn’t it a sort of on-line dairy or journal ? Atleast that’s what every ‘celebrity’ is doing nowadays. And we say life’s a JOURNEY. As this being my very first post doesn’t it  justify the title.OK now too many words about the title of the post.

Now the question is why I am suddenly blogging ? Actually its not sudden, nothing is sudden.  I enjoyed writing but never got proper time or opportunity to do it. I think writing should come naturally to me as my dad, my mom and my sis all are great writers u now genes. I discovered my affinity to writing when I was in school back then we had to write essays for academics. Thanks to ICSE board & my teachers who allowed me to express my thoughts on different topics and i used to be thrilled to write them though I never got good marks but thats a different story. Here I must mention one my sirs Kapadia or Kapi as he was called by us, its he who really helped me hone my writing abilities that was reflected in my improved grades in ISC(XII). Its a pity that back then there were no computers,blogs,orkut so many of my great essays are lost  forever. 

Then again by the end of my college I was writing thats the most productive period till date thats when I wrote couple of short stories a number of poems and an unfinished novel. I was wise enough to preserve them but I am yet to digitize them. In 2001 -2002 when mobile phones were coming to revolutinize India and I was composing some SMS which were appreciated and were quite in demand.  Some over the top comment was that I could woo anybody just by writing  SMS 😉  but nothing like that happened and again I could not preserve them. 

 Those who created this concept of blogging kudos to them. Here’s a piece of software where you write your ideas, opinions, events just about anything and its gonna be there for a longtime. Also it can be in public domain so can reach a much wider audience. Though I donot expect anybody to read my blogs but still…

Its been a while since I was not at all able to write anything but somehow this idea of having my own blog was in my mind but couldn’t put it to action. Maybe I have been reading voratiously last few days and it culminated in me creating this blog. Now that I have started I’ll try to write regularly as somebody said “There are lots of stories to tell” also I have to finish the novel anyway its gonna be in Guiness Book  for being the novel that will take ages to complete that is if I can complete.

I think this much is enough for the first post……