Aren’t they? Well ask me who has been visting the Dentist over the last 2 weeks. I had been to our family dentist long long time ago when I had a severe pain in tooth one night and the gentleman who knows our entire family teeth history had smartly extracted the culprit but scars remained engraved deeply in my memory and add to it several horror stories I had been hearing, I was firmly avoiding the Dentist and never complained of ‘little pain here and there’. So much so that two teeth fell off on their own after failing to draw my attention. I was relived that my body understood my equation with the dentist and healed itself. But yeah we all have buts in our life and if I had known that noone can ditch the inevitable(read dentist). This time my mouth had declared a full blown mutiny and no amount of ‘home remedies’ or prayers worked, things got to a point where I had to go without food and water literally.

So on a fine weekend I had to give in and see the dentist. The doctor was a man with grey hair and told him my condition and that I had lost two teeth to which he smiled and said I’ll loose a few more and not to worry he and his team will fix everything. So now came the treatment plan which was three teeth to be extracted and two root canals to be done. Then came the actual thing – the cost which was going to almost a lakh rupees(yes you heard it right after all it was one the best hospitals in Bangalore). Naturaly I almost fainted and  the doc understood immediately, said well he can offer some discounts and work a way out. I said whatever way it would be I can never afford it. I was not willing to go  bankrupt for my teeth.  The man was very nice and worked out a solution where it would cost around 40K but still my heart was pounding. He said we can do it in several installments and he will help me in whatever way he can.

So after money issues were solved came the real treatment time and I was terrified as root canals were to be done. The doctor said they will take only an hour and he promised that it will not hurt a bit with a big smile. The doctor who came for treatment was a cheerful young man and he was joking but I was petrified as he asked his assistants for ‘bayonet’ no seriously I had heard it right. Midway through the treatment he asked whether I was feeling any pain and when I replied in negative, he confidently said I’ll say the same when I walk out of the door. Well he was right I actually didnot have much pain when I walked out. Over the next two weeks my treatment was  completed and now I am almost normal.

The moral of the story is if you dare to ignore tooth issues for long the dentist not only drills your teeth but a big hole in your pocket as well. So take good care of the teeth and slightest bit of discomfort in tooth go see a dentist because ‘Teeth are precious’.

An Update : The break up of the initial estimate for treatment or rather mouth restoration(thats what they were saying).

2 teeth implants with bone augmentation = Rs. 60K

A bridge with 3 crown units = Rs. 12K

2 single crown units = Rs. 8K

rest for extraction, root canal treatment etc… almost 1 Lakh right….