‘Dhekur’ is the Bengali word for burp. And we burp happily when we have a satisfying meal. Last Sunday I along with my family had been to this restaurant named Dhekur– Seven Hotels opposite Total Mall,Outer Ring road, East Bangalore.

Honestly, was little apprehensive after reading mixed reviews. But that vanished as soon we were in.
The ambiance was quite good and the place is large and spacious. The staff were quite cordial. The music was quite apt as they were playing our favorite Anjan Dutta’s popular songs.

We opted for the Sunday brunch which began with starters namely butter fry, fish fry, vegetable chop & pianji (onion pakora), salad and of-course kasundi and assorted chutneys. The pakoras and fries were fresh and hot from the pan.

For drink they have beer, soft drinks and aam porar sorbot (A mango based drink). The aam porar sorbot tasted exactly they way it should.
Then we had korai shuturir kochuri (peas puri)fresh from the kadai. Yeah! Loved the live counter idea.   This was a big hit with my family.

The main course had steamed rice, pulao, bhaja muger daal (moong daal), alur dom (dum aloo) as vegetarian options and bhetkir paturi (fish), kosa mangsho (mutton) as non-vegetarian options. Then aamer chutney (mango chutney) with papad.

Like it is said all’s well that end’s well…. for desert they had misti doi and chanar malpoa….
Point here is not the menu which is lavish but the taste which is authentic.

Last but not least price slightly on the higher side but it gets justified by the quality of food and service.

I would recommend Dhekur to anyone who want’s to taste ‘real’ Bengali food and hospitality.
Obviously, as long they are consistent, I would keep visiting.

Rating: 4/5

Dhekur – Seven Hotel
Seven Hotel, 39/5, Outer Ring Road, Marathahalli, Bangalore
Ph: 080 65794444, 080 65795555