Welcome my son!


Welcome to this world. I became a father the day you were conceived (9 months back) but you became my son on 7th of May Two thousand and fourteen  a month before your expected date.
Congratulations for making this journey bravely.  Your grandparents said, you did make a lot of noise but that’s ok you needed to tell the world that you’ve arrived!!! Sorry son for not being able to be there to hold you in my arms and welcome you into this world.
Being the internet savvy daddy to be I had been reading all about how fetuses (Yes that what you were called when you were inside your mommy’s tummy) grow. Just to know more about your life inside your mommy’s tummy. But son I missed listening to your first heartbeat (your mommy was exhilarated), missed your first photo shoot. According to your mommy you made the doctor’s life difficult by refusing to remove your fingers from your mouth and giving a clear shot of your face.  And why not, the doctor should have asked your permission before clicking your pictures.  Thank you son for letting me touch you one day while you were conducting your usual business of kicking and punching mommy, I could feel you. Boy you kicked really hard!  May lord keep you that strong and healthy all your life.
When mommy held you for the first time to feed you your very first meal you looked at her in amazement and smiled. Yes my dear son that wonderful woman is your mommy. No matter what, she’ll take care of you all her life.  Although I am not there with you physically but I manage to hear you registering your desires, wishes and complaints (yes, always it’s me who’s on the other end of your mommy’s phone).  Once again sorry son for not being there but don’t worry soon we too will have our own father – son moments.
Whether I’ll be your daddy cool or another brick in your wall is what you have to figure. But I know you are not here to complete my unfinished sentences (of course, you can if you choose to). Summer sun is scorching where you are right now but elsewhere in many parts of the world spring flowers are blossoming. Like those new flowers I want you to bloom exotically with your new dreams.  So, do I really need to say? “Go tiger! Live your dream.  Let me be the guiding star”.

Will He Come Back?


“Dear DM,

Are you still obsessing about a past relationship that absorbs all of your attention and has you wondering if he will come back? It’s time to let go of the past so you can become emotionally available to finding your true soulmate. Get the guidance you need from a love psychic who can support you on your journey. “

This is an extract from an email that I received from an Astrology site a few days back which terrorized me because of the title folks. I rushed to the said site to check whether I have registered my sex correctly and found that they only register birth date, time and place and somehow decide the sex. Probably they read some of my earlier fiction and got confused like some of my early readers. Those of are new to this aspect kindly read this .

Nevertheless I forgave them and added a ‘S’ and pondered over it. “Will She Come Back?”. With the “Love AajKal” in the market this issue seems to be the flavour of the season, BTW do read a review of this film by Priti.

Before asking myself the said question I ask my heart am I waiting for anyone to return? My heart being honest this time says no. Dude you have moved on. Everyone does. Actually I have never looked back in my life I confess I have been like that. I always move on….probably thats why I don’t have anybody to walk beside me now. But Do I really care about it? So why did the question ring a bell? or Did it? Too many questions…

A few days back before “Love AajKal” hit the world a few of my friends were discussing something similar over a drink. And we know how a few pegs makes a man honest and many of them said they moved on and When I asked was it without any mark everybody got uncomfortable.

Actually we belong to confused times and maybe thats why many of us are confused and don’t know what we actually want. No I am not generalizing by anyway please. I know many people out there, who are very sure of what they want and they have got it but still I have come across a number of them who are really confused.

One thing I would like to mention from “Love Aajkal” is that Veer(Rishi Kapoor) tells that today’s generation has too many ‘options’ and in their time they didn’t or rather they didn’t want the ‘options’. But I would like to bring out the Satyajit Ray movie “Ghare Baire” which was adpated from Rabindranath Tagore’s novel of same name. There Ray had talked of options or rather comparision. In the movie the husband(Nikhil) takes his wife(Bimala) out to meet his charismatic nationalist leader friend(Sandip) convincing her that she has only known her husband and no other men. He will never know if she really loves him unless she has opportunity to meet others and prefer him over other men( Very risky propostion !!! Don’t even think of it…everyone is not Nikhil). Bimala falls for Sandip but in end realizes that Nikhil was much better man but by then its too late. You can read about movie here.

So the point is options are required at times but the question is how many options do we need or rather how long do we need? Hence we need to ‘identify’ that “true soulmate” before its too late.

OK folks this is enough I am reminded of Amitabh’s dailogue in Sharaabi which was something like “Hum to upar hi upar tair rahe they kabhi itni gaharai mein uter kar nahi dekha”(tr: I was swimming on the shallow waters never went so deep and saw).

This post is this very un-Dhiman … I can never be serious about anything so guys you must have been bored to death and looking to kill me for wasting your time with some pointless rambling. So please let me know how much did I pakao-ed you guys 😀 🙂 :O

PS: Do you think I should consult this astrology site to help me find “true soulmate” 😉

Thank God for making the family complete !!!


I still remember that day when I had gone to hospital to ‘see’ you. I was very excited as I was told that I’ll have a playmate but you were so small and I thought How could you be one . Then I grew ‘jealous’ of you because you had grabbed “my place” which I had enjoyed for four years. I had snatched away the pillow which was ‘mine’ but was given to you and you didn’t protest. I had tried to harm you many ways but you always smiled at me innocently.

Then came a time when you were little bigger and would be walking wobbly behind me and I was proud to have my first ‘follower’.  You were always a quite one and I was the ‘bully’. Well that didn’t mean it was an unequal fight because you were strong enough to ‘strike’ back and mostly I used to retract my steps. When parents were praised for having so ‘nice’ children who never fought and they would just smile knowing how off mark those people were and we would giggle that how good ‘actors’ we were. You liked to refer me by my name and  inspite of being taught to you to call “Dada”. You were Mom’s “spy” and would report to her all my ‘misdeeds’ but I could never complain.

tying_the_rakhi_orig-150x150Those teenage years when my job was to ‘escort’ you and for the first time I understood what a responsibility meant and How the world is for ‘girls’ then eventually you got ‘independent’ and moved to a different city and we would be only talking over phone but still you were one who always called me and not the other way.

Now you have a career and I have the job of being your guide against those ‘office politics’ and believe me I too learn so many things while suggesting you the ‘solution’. Soon you’d be with your ‘soul-mate’ and I sincerely pray to God that ‘he’ keeps you Happier than ‘us’.

Chup_saaleToday when you tied the “Rakhi ” personally after a couple of years as you are here and I gave you that “Chup Saale” T-shirt which I want you to wear and tell the world to “Be Quite” otherwise your “Big Brother” shall take care of them.

I am proud that you are more talented and all the dad’s painting and artistic skills transpired to you. This year Raksha Bandhan is on during the ‘Friendship week’ and you are one of my ‘best’ friends. You know everything but still this blog is now a part of my life and many of my life’s events are being “Chronicled” here.

I thank god for ‘gifting’ you to me and making the family picture complete Mother, Father,1  Son, 1  Daughter. Just perfect.
Do I still need to say “HAPPY RAKSHA BANDHAN” dear lil sis !!!

PS: Wanted to use ‘Rakhi’ in place of “Raksha Bandhan” but nowadays this term in search throws up some other results specially after that “swayamvar” thingie !

Platonic Love – A myth or a reality


gfx_platonic_relationshipsWikipedia says and I quote “Platonic love (Latin: amor platonicus) is a deep and spiritual connection between two individuals: within such a relationship there does not exist any form of sexual connection or sexual elements.”

Webster Online dictionary defines Platonic Love as ” A pure, spiritual affection, subsisting between persons of opposite sex, unmixed with carnal desires, and regarding the mind only and its excellences; — a species of love for which Plato was a warm advocate.”

This concept of “Platonic Love” used to puzzle me a long time back but it came to fore again after I watched the Bengali movie ‘Anuronon’ the debut film by Anirudha Roy Choudhury in which he showed a platonic relationship very sensitively. The question which always plagued me was Is Platonic Love a reality or a myth ? Because I have never seen it happen in my life or seen it happen in lives of people known to me its something that always I have read about or seen in a movie. I mean is it possible to love someone intensely from opposite sex asexually. Is it possible to keep it only mental, without involvement of physical aspect and that too today’s time and age. When we are being repeatedly pushed to become materialistic,that is go physical satisfaction more than anything else. Can we keep the body totally out of a “man-woman” relationship ?


Actually if you read the complete wiki article on Platonic Love you’ll see that Plato the advocate this type of love had actually not meant it the way its being interpreted. I again quote from the wiki article

“According to Linda Rapp, Ficino, by Platonic love, meant “…a relationship that included both the physical and the spiritual.” Thus, Ficino’s view is that love is “the desire for beauty, which is the image of the divine.””.

So readers, I request your  honest opinion on this subject that is please narrate any instances where you or any acquaintance has come accross a true example of “Platonic Love”.

Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Platonic_love

Disclaimer : Images are sourced from different sources in Internet(www.explorelove.co.uk/platonic_relationships.htm, http://www.experiencefestival.com/forum/news/category/5/love-and-relations/)