What’s the Issue?


You know something is not right when your playlist has only two songs on repeat mode “Jaane yeh kya hua” from KCK and Ali Haider “Purani Jeans” … find any connection?

You know something is not right when you go to Tirupati and don’t ask anything for yourself from Lord Venkateshwara.

You know something is not right when you say that you’ve stopped worrying about weight gain(actually you mean in it) when your well-wisher points out your “pot belly”.

You know something is not right when you finish filling your appraisal form in 30 mins flat(this is supposed to ‘best’ year in your career) that too after several warnings from your boss that you will miss the last date of   submission. Is it his headache?

You know something is not right when you feel elated to see that your areas for improvement from last year’s appraisal need to be copy pasted to this year as well.

You know something is not right when you don’t actually want to join Sri Ram Sene even after not having a ‘Valentine’ for last few years in a row.

You know something is not right when you are happy even after letting a life changing opportunity go by just like that.

I have not been to a Titan Eye+ store phir bhi kuch to hua hai…..otherwise  what is the explanation for this state of eternal happiness.

PS: Next up another filler post ….

Will He Come Back?


“Dear DM,

Are you still obsessing about a past relationship that absorbs all of your attention and has you wondering if he will come back? It’s time to let go of the past so you can become emotionally available to finding your true soulmate. Get the guidance you need from a love psychic who can support you on your journey. “

This is an extract from an email that I received from an Astrology site a few days back which terrorized me because of the title folks. I rushed to the said site to check whether I have registered my sex correctly and found that they only register birth date, time and place and somehow decide the sex. Probably they read some of my earlier fiction and got confused like some of my early readers. Those of are new to this aspect kindly read this .

Nevertheless I forgave them and added a ‘S’ and pondered over it. “Will She Come Back?”. With the “Love AajKal” in the market this issue seems to be the flavour of the season, BTW do read a review of this film by Priti.

Before asking myself the said question I ask my heart am I waiting for anyone to return? My heart being honest this time says no. Dude you have moved on. Everyone does. Actually I have never looked back in my life I confess I have been like that. I always move on….probably thats why I don’t have anybody to walk beside me now. But Do I really care about it? So why did the question ring a bell? or Did it? Too many questions…

A few days back before “Love AajKal” hit the world a few of my friends were discussing something similar over a drink. And we know how a few pegs makes a man honest and many of them said they moved on and When I asked was it without any mark everybody got uncomfortable.

Actually we belong to confused times and maybe thats why many of us are confused and don’t know what we actually want. No I am not generalizing by anyway please. I know many people out there, who are very sure of what they want and they have got it but still I have come across a number of them who are really confused.

One thing I would like to mention from “Love Aajkal” is that Veer(Rishi Kapoor) tells that today’s generation has too many ‘options’ and in their time they didn’t or rather they didn’t want the ‘options’. But I would like to bring out the Satyajit Ray movie “Ghare Baire” which was adpated from Rabindranath Tagore’s novel of same name. There Ray had talked of options or rather comparision. In the movie the husband(Nikhil) takes his wife(Bimala) out to meet his charismatic nationalist leader friend(Sandip) convincing her that she has only known her husband and no other men. He will never know if she really loves him unless she has opportunity to meet others and prefer him over other men( Very risky propostion !!! Don’t even think of it…everyone is not Nikhil). Bimala falls for Sandip but in end realizes that Nikhil was much better man but by then its too late. You can read about movie here.

So the point is options are required at times but the question is how many options do we need or rather how long do we need? Hence we need to ‘identify’ that “true soulmate” before its too late.

OK folks this is enough I am reminded of Amitabh’s dailogue in Sharaabi which was something like “Hum to upar hi upar tair rahe they kabhi itni gaharai mein uter kar nahi dekha”(tr: I was swimming on the shallow waters never went so deep and saw).

This post is this very un-Dhiman … I can never be serious about anything so guys you must have been bored to death and looking to kill me for wasting your time with some pointless rambling. So please let me know how much did I pakao-ed you guys 😀 🙂 :O

PS: Do you think I should consult this astrology site to help me find “true soulmate” 😉