I came over here to post and suddenly found that I can’t do it. Why? Read the following conversation.

CT is Chronicles of a Techie
DM is Moi

DM: Whats this nonsense why can’t I post?

CT: This one’s the 50th post so…

DM: Oh 50th so what?

CT: What planet are you from dude …I need something special for this post.

DM: Oh come on. Why?

CT: You missed the 25th post but this time I am not leaving.

DM: Bhai this will go on 50th then 75th then 100 so on…we’ll do something on your first Budday … promise…

CT: Thats very far…Abey while you posted the first post did you ever think you’ll reach here?

DM: I reached here mainly because of the Tags you see…I have started loving them….

CT: I don’t know…My Anndataas require something special.

DM: Your Anndataas?

CT: Readers you moron they are my mai-baap and I want to celebrate for them.

DM: What is this logic?

CT: Today no logic only magic *giggles*

DM shrugs : Ok bhai tell what you want me to do …. I can’t spend anything …

CT: Money can’t buy happiness you fool … I know you are super kanjoos and makhhi choos and….

DM interputing angrily : Shut up and just tell what you want?

CT: I want a “different” kind of post not like those boring ones you do day in and day out….and…

DM: Wait Wait What boring posts … Ask your “Anndaatas” … I do tags “differently” this 50th post is ‘different’…

CT: I know I know BTW this conversational style in not at all new or ‘different’…look at the title, always fooling my “Anndaatas”… anyway I knew you won’t be able to do much here but atleast you can give me new clothes so that I look more attractive….you Techies are very boring and don’t care about looks but world thinks different woh jumla pata hai na…”Pahle darshan dhari phir gun vichari”….

DM: Enough man you are crossing limits ….I too have some style sense …

CT Rolls on Computer screen laughing….

DM: Ok Ok let me see what I can do…

and DM starts searching for “clothes”….

DM: Buddy there are no good 3 column templates …

CT: Go for 2 column ones…

DM complains: But I have too many widgets …

CT: Thats your headache ….I don’t care….

DM aside badi muskil mein dal diya saale ne…

CT: Hey no cussing no cussing ….

DM: Hmmm… Sorry… can’t we do something else…

CT: Kya yaar can’t keep such a “small” request ….

DM: Yay! Got one! See how nice this one looks on you….

CT can’t stop laughing : I knew you’d screw up…. leave I’ll do something myself… you dumbo…

DM relieved : Well I’ll not be responsible if your “Anndaatas” run away….

CT: That we’ll see you go and sleep ….

DM retorts: What man… this is my blog ….

CT: I know you have done a lot now will you go and sleep let me talk to my “Anndaatas”

DM leaves in a jiffy

CT: Dear “Anndaatas” Sorry for keeping you waiting for so long… I know you understand what I have to deal with…. You know that is the Golden Jubilee post and I have new look also here’s few of my vital stats unique visitors 5000+, total Comments 350+, Indiblogger rank 77

Thank you Sirs and Madams for being so kind to me and my author. Honestly without you he couldn’t have come so far. Please keep coming back with your suggestions and I’ll try to make him write more interesting things(its a tough job I say but I’ll try my best).

Lastly and certainly leastly I have an announcement to make…. no I am not running out of business, as long as this guy’s here I am here…. The thing is this bugger has created two more siblings and they are :

Globetrotter Nama @ http://globetrotternama.blogspot.comThis one’s his travelogue where he writes about his travels.

Pappu’s Stories and Poems @ http://pappuwrites.choseit.comThis is where his fiction work goes most of which you have already read here….

I know its a little difficult to add a few more blogs to your already inflated lists but I’ll be grateful if you can pay a visit to my lesser known siblings as well though they are not updated regularly but still they exist. Actually I told this guy that I can handle all of them but …. He says he’s going to start a blog exclusively for tags…. tell me if he starts a blog for every category then what will he publish here….I tell you please give him some sane advice….he never listens to me…..

Meanwhile DM’s back and takes on the mantle.

Well folks CT took over for sometime but I am back and will be in control now on….yeah do tell how you liked the “clothes”.

Also on this “auspicious” occasion I would like to Thank  Sid for the awards after tags this one has left me really elated.

The awards are :

The international Blogger Community


The I love your blog


The One Lovely Blog


And as they say happiness grows if its shared so I pass this award to  Mou, Atul, Pal, Shilpa, SM, Paritosh, Priti, Toya, Govind, shoobhayan, Rashmi [She too is back & happy]. Friends if you have received this earlier(may be a longtime back!) then there is no harming in getting it once again.

The other names who have already been awarded by Sid
Roshmi,Adesh Sidhu, Mukund,Kaddu, Vipul Grover, Nikita, Shruti, Shankar , Indian Pundit .
Wait it doesn’t end here *smiles meekly* Shilpa has awarded me the The Zombie Chicken Award. Thank you so much Shilpa for the honour!!!


I pass on this award to whoever has not received it and is reading this marathon post.

Finally this is actual end. Please forgive me for such a long post.