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“There he is! It is your chance now, just do it” hissed the sly devil. Marraine hesitated for a moment, he was quick as always but before he could reach for the whip. Bang! Bang! Bang! He slumped down to floor with a thud.

He was still breathing but life was oozing out, yet that didn’t torment Marraine anymore, she had earned her freedom.

“Good-Bye! Love!”. Marraine dropped the smoking gun and walked out of the dungeon into glowing sunrise. ‘Ouch! That was easy.’ the devil smiled wryly.

Mesmerized- 55 Fiction


The news had spread like a wildfire through the entire locality that she was finally trapped.

Like everyone I too rushed to have just a glimpse of her.

Everyone stood mesmerized by her bountiful beauty. She turned and our eyes met, instantly my world froze.

My mind whispered “William Blake was so damn right”.


PS: This is based on true narration by one my friends who had seen a Royal Bengal Tiger of Sunderbans caught in a cage. He said that such was the majestic awe of the Lady of the Jungle that nobody dared to go alone in front of her cage. And her roar was something that made their legs tremble in fear.

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The Power of Red


“Suddenly applying Sindoor today, anything special” inquired her husband. She smiled “Just like that” and hurried to office.

She was at office canteen as usual with her best friend. Waiting.

Then she saw him coming looking nervous but the moment his eyes fell on her forehead he froze completely.  “It worked” whispered her friend slyly.

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The Daredevil Act


air show

He could see the ‘End’ and the headline “Young Pilot crashed at the Air Show”.
With the aircraft hurtling at .8 Mach and the lever not working what else could be done.

He tried one last time and pulled up the lever, Wow! Miracle! The aircraft straightened and radio blurted “Bravo! That was ‘a’ magnificent maneuver!”

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Untitled – Seeds of Sorrow


indiavillagerHe came home from the fields just like everyday but he felt little giddy, his son who had already returned from college rushed to help him but he collapsed.
They rushed him to hospital.

The next day a little article appeared in some corner of the newspaper titled “A Farmer ends life by consuming pesticide”.

PS.: I couldn’t put a title to this one…. any help would be appreciated. After Tags it seems 55-Fictions galore ….

PPS: I thank all of you for suggesting so many nice and apt titles I was confused actually which one to use but some of have suggested you liked  the one suggested by Vipul. Thank you so much Vipul. I go with this one 😀 and title the story as “Seeds of Sorrow”.

Their Arrival



“They have arrived come fast” said his mother on phone.
He quickly glanced at ‘their’ room and was satisfied that it’s ready to welcome ‘them’.

He headed straight towards his mom and she pointed to ‘them’.
Finally he could see ‘them’. Sleeping peacefully in their little cradles a boy and a girl, his twin babies.

The Admirer


Other day I saw you at the mall after a long time and waved.

You waved back and told something to your husband pointing me.  I said “She’s my friend” to wife, She smiled and replied “She’s very pretty”.

I continued “and thats her husband. Don’t they look great together just made for each other “.

PS: This is my first attempt at 55-Fiction (55 word story) hence comments are eagerly awaited.  Meanwhile you can read some exotic 55ers here.  Most of which are penned by Pal.

PPS: This can also be read as prequel or sequel to “We are just Friends