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The making

Still remember, I was at my usual place, cozy corner by the window, sipping my black coffee.  A couple was sitting outside with their coffees, hands held and gazes locked. Strong winds began blowing, flash! Clap! Down came large drops, pounding hard. They had to run. Boy tried to protect the girl with his coat, while her red umbrella lay behind. The board washed out in minutes.  The moment froze in my eternal frame. My perfect shot!

Memoirs of a sidekick
Still remember the moment, when you picked me off Macy’s and changed my life.  You had said, when I was around, you felt safe. Ever since, come rain or shine, I was there for you, protecting.
But today’s rain, along with the board over there, washed off many things.
First, it did hurt.  But I am really happy, that you found someone, ultimately. Yet, if you ever need me again, you know where the coffee shop is.

Note: These were my submissions for a 77 word fiction contest in my office quite sometime back, where you had to write a story, poem or non-fiction based on picture in 77 words….

When you are out of ideas you recycle your old stuff like I am doing here ….

The journey continues


Before I get on with the nitty gritties of where I was? What I was doing etc etc. Let me tell that while reading One year old and Counting… at Neha’s Blog I remembered that on 13th March 2009 I had started blogging and that meant I too have completed a year here. Actually a landmark personal event in last few weeks had wiped out the memory of this ‘little’ event.

My story of How I started blogging is nothing special, which I have probably told earlier but I think no harm in revisiting.  It so happened that last year around this time I was having ample time(a rare commodity in my profession) and somehow landed up in the blogosphere and started reading some amazing blogs. Its then that I got inspired and thought why not try it after all it costs me only electricity & internet bill(back then I didnot have the unlimited plan).

Looking back at the first post I see I had called it ‘Jatra shuru’ which means the journey begins and truly never thought I’ll reach here as I do not have a very big network. Those of you who have added me in social networking sites can see that half of the ‘friends’ are fellow bloggers. Only person who would read my blog was my dear little sister.So How did it happen?

All the Kudos to YOU, wonderful fellow bloggers who opened their floodgates of comments and encouragements. People generally have awards, rewards etc to commemorate this type of event but I just have two words THANK YOU. Today I wish to keep this blog running so that I can have many more such anniversaries and I am sure with you guys around we can together continue this journey into infinity(literally ofcourse).

Again a “small” post which means “bigger” ones are waiting to hit soon so BE  PREPARED.

Love U, Miss U Kolkata…A Nostalgic yearning ….


“Miss u Kolkata”is the latest album by Rajesh Roy a Keyboardist-turned-singer/producer. I heard the title song on Radio Mirchi, Kolkata, when I was in Kolkata recently. In the title song ‘Miss u Kolkata’ Rajesh Roy has got the sentiment of a NRK (Non Resident Kolkatan) aptly. Some of portions of lyrics say “Born and Raised in Kolkata, Love U Miss U Kolkata” then “School college education prothom (means first) infatuation “ and so on… The song took a special place in my heart not only because it was depicting my similar emotions but got to listen it at a time when I myself was on a nostalgic trip of Kolkata.  Though I was born in Hyderabad but being raised in Kolkata I call myself a NRK.

On this visit I realized how much nostalgia that city has for me. In my earlier visits I was not having enough time to go round the city but this time I actually explored the city on a journey of rediscovery.
Yes I rediscovered Kolkata by walking down the lanes in Esplande/Dharmotolla to Chowringee to Park street to Camac street, by taking the metro from Park street to Rabindra Sarovar and then a ‘share’ auto to Jadavpur Thana, by boarding SD4[a bus route] from Rashbihari to Dhakuria, by alighting a local train from Dhakuria to Sonarpur. All these sojourns were a trip down the memory lane and its then I realized the tons of memory these places hold. Why should it not be, I spent my enitre growing up years (more than 18) in that city. Every nook and corner of the city is having the pebbles of memory for me to collect of which I have got only a palmfull but a lot is still left and don’t know how many more trips I require to collect all of them. In last 3 years a lot of things have changed like many old buildings gone, shops, cinema halls closed down, new buildings, shops, malls have taken their place but the localities are still there, which remind me of good ol’ days :).

How strange it is that you realize the contribution each thing has to your life after you have moved on. Maybe after many years if I move away from Bangalore I’ll feel the same for Bangalore as well same Nostalgia…. but will I ever be able to become a NonResident Bangalorean (NRB) ???