Those of you who have read Ken Follet’s The Pillars of the Earth or  its sequel World Without End KingsBridge might ring a bell in you.  Yes I am talking about the books. Actually it happened that I had picked ‘The Pillars of the Earth’ few months back and was  just overwhelmed by the sheer size man it was 976 pages. It was the longest novel that I had picked in my life and thought I’ll rush through and finish it fast but after first few pages I couldn’t do it I was reading every word and slowly I was becoming a part of 12 century England which Ken Follet had sucessfully conjured in front of my eyes and steadily I was adoring Jack Jackson, Aliena, Johnathan or respecting Prior Philip,  Tom Builder,Ellen or started hating Bishop Waleran, William Hameliegh, Alfred.

Soon I was rejoicing when Prior Philip out maneuvered Bishop Waleran in getting the King Stephen’s approval to Build a Cathedral in KingsBridge. I was deeply anguished when Evil William Hamleigh massacred KingBridge Fleece Fair and in the process killed Tom Builder. What I mean is over the months Kingsbridge, Shiring, Winchester, Bishops, Archdeacons, ArchBishop, Earls, Kings, Queens became part of my life. But when I reached about 700 pages I was getting restless because I was tired of the soap style conspiracies and the battle of wits, fists etc between the Good and bad. I rushed through reading only a few words in a page. Then I reached the end and like we have in our Bollywood movies it was Happys ending with Good finally winning over evil. Phew ! I thought its over(Picture ab baki nahi thi [tr: Picture was over]).

Though I had the sequel ‘World Without End’ but didnot have the energy to read another 1000+ pages mammoth book. So decided to take a break. But then accidentaly came across this review by Nishita.
And the mention of Kingsbridge brought back the characters and their trials and tribulations. I could resist it go back on a new journey to Kingsbridge albeit 200 years later because I know the founders of this city so well. I have been part of the pains and bloodshed undertaken to build that marvellous Cathedral in all of England. I had seen a village turning into a prosperous sprawling town over a period of some 4 decades. So How could I be away from it when Ken Follet already has spun another tale around it. So here I am back to KingsBridge with “World Without End”. Lets see how long it takes to travese this epic saga. BTW guys don’t expect any review from me as I am bad at that, jump over to Nishita‘s she is very good at it.