Well finally words started flowing actually I had pictures, title etc for a different post but was not able to write a word from yesterday don’t know why ? Maybe my Mom got a cue or something as out of the blue today she prepared “khichdi” and see here I am again back to writing. Well in this post I am not talking about how to make khichdi but I’ll talk about “Ma ki Khichdi”.

Wiki says Khichdi(also khichri, khichdee, khichadi, khichuri, khichari and many other variants)  is an Indian food preparation made from rice and lentils (dal). Khichdi is commonly considered to be a comfort food, and was the inspiration for the Anglo-Indian dish of Kedgeree.”

Khichdi or rather Kichuri has a special place in Bengali household. Its a “must” dish during rainy days when its impossible to venture out so you sit at home and have Gorom(hot) gorom khichuri with begun bhaja (fried eggplant), aloo bhaja(fried poatato) actually any vegetable that can be fried that bhaja(fry). Being a true Bengali how can we leave Nonveg so we add dim bhaja(egg fried/omelette) as well, actually it can be maach bhaja(fried fish) if available. Khichdi can itself be a Nonveg one How ? well you can add mutton(lamb) or chicken pieces to it. Mmmmm…

Kichuri with Beguni(Eggplant fritter)

Kichuri with Beguni(Eggplant fritter)

The khichuri is also served as prasad(Sacred food) at festivals like Saraswati Puja (mandatory), Durga Puja and all other pujas performed by the Bengalis. Khichuri becomes “Bhog” at the festivals, where Khichuri is generally accompanied by Labra(MIXED VEGETABLES)-A tasty mixed curry of all types of vegetables. The khichuri at the festivals have special taste of their own. But the khichuri that’s prepared at home by Mom is unbeatable, simply superb and this nobody can prepare other than your mom.
This quote from one of the food blogs sums it all “The main ingredients of khichdis made by moms is a dollop of love. There are some things money can’t buy, right?”.
Thank you Mom for your humble Khichuri(Khichdi) which made my day, hence deserved a dedicated post. It brought back loads of childhood memories of the rainy days in good old Kolkata when it would rain incessantly for days and we were trapped inside our homes due water-logging everywhere. Only thing that brightened up my day was ……..

Now those who wanna try here are the recipes :
Khichdi : http://www.indianfoodforever.com/rajasthan/vegetable-khichdi.html
Labra : http://www.dreamindia.com/rasoi/mdvegla.htm

Image Courtsey : http://www.bongcookbook.com/2007_03_01_archive.html