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July 20, 2009

He confessed to the judge and said “Please go ahead and hang me”. You all know ‘Him’, come on he’s a star, a champion of ‘their cause’, a 21 yr old uneducated labour living in one of the poorest parts of his country. One day he fought with his father for a new dress and fled his home and went on to plan a dacoity to earn money and while aquiring arms from the ‘terror shop’ he discovered that he needed ‘training’ to ‘operate’ those weapons. So he along with his mate joined ‘their organization’ saying he wants to fight for the ’cause’. He filled some forms there and became a member. Soon he was sent for training in different ‘camps’. He was told that “Go, kill, die and be famous also get a lot of money”.

He learnt how to operate the most sophisticated weapon systems which even ‘enemy’ country’s soldiers don’t have opportunity to see even. He learnt how that countries different agencies specially their “secret service” agency operate and how to ‘fool’ them. He was shown videos of the atrocities committed by the enemy authorities upon ‘their community’. He learnt so much in 10-12 weeks flat. He was brilliant and his performance impressed his “mentors” so he was chosen for a ‘coveted mission’ a mission that would change his obscure life and lives of many ‘kafirs'(please google for the exact meaning of the word) but will fail to change the course of a nations policy of ‘non-voilence’.

He alongwith some other ‘comrades-in-arms’ were short listed for mission but unfortunately a few ‘cowards’ fled. Finally 10 members were selected including him and were split into 5 teams of buddies(2 in each team).  Before the mission he was allowed to go home and see his family after all he may not return ever from that mission. He was acclimatised with the sea as they needed to travel via sea to attack the commercial heartland of a country which is much much larger than his own country in every aspect.

On the designated day he and his ‘team’ set out on a launch on to the seas. On the way they were transefered to a bigger launch for travel into the high seas. Here they were handed over a rucksack each with weapons, dry fruits and mobiles phone with a strict instruction not to call back their home country only to answer when called. Then they hijacked a ship of ‘enemy’ country and took the ship’s navigator with them so that he steers the vessel to the ‘enemy’ shores. After a travel of a few days they reached target port avoiding detection from ‘enemy’ navy/coast guards. Before reaching the shores they killed the hijacked ‘navigator’.

On reaching they began their operation by splitting out in their respective ‘buddy’ teams. He and his ‘buddy’ reached the railway station and went into toilet and assembled their weapons and came out and started firing. A policeman tried to resist with a vintage non-functional weapon but was soon ‘silenced’. The station announcer was warning the passengers about the attack and directing them the way to safety so he fired at the announcement cabin as well.Then they walked into the parking lot trying to hijack a vehicle to their next destination but couldn’t do it so started walking on the road with deadly weapons in hand and ‘silencing’ whoever came in the way. They were instructed to search for a tall building and take hostages and contact the media. Then they found a building which seemed to suffice their purpose and entered it firing and looking for ‘hostages’ but after entering the premises they realized that it was a hospital and police had already arrived they had an encounter but the policemen were put to rest soon. Then they spotted a police vehicle with a red-light approaching so they hid behind a bush to avoid the vehicle but the police from vehicle fired at them and they fired back after a brief exchange of fire the firing from the vehicle stopped so slowly they closed on the vehicle and found three starred policemen lying dead they removed the bodies and got into the vehicle and sped away and on the way they fired on people with cameras and anyone who tried to challenge. But their ‘luck’ seemed to run out the vehicle got punctured so immediately abandoned it and stopped a ‘big’ car and threw out ‘ladies and gentlemen’ occuping it and drove away by now the news of the attack probably had spread as the city which never ‘sleeps’ had deserted the streets.

At one place they saw a police blockade and the police firing at them his buddy and himself were injured but they didnot loose heart his ‘buddy’ had told him “tu himmat mat har mujhe bhi goli lagi hai hum nikal jayenge”( don’t loose hope I am also injured we’ll make it) and tried to make a U turn but the vehicle hit the divider and the policemen were closing in and they surrounded him and he fired at them killing a couple of them but those fearless policemen pounced upon him and he was captured and his weapon was ceased. That evening he and his ‘buddy’ had slain 69 people including 3 best police officers of the country.

While he was on rampage at the station, hospital, his ‘teammates’ had taken over a couple of landmark hotels, a building and ‘enemy country’ had to deploy their ‘elite commando’ force to flush them out after a pitched battle for 3 days. A ‘team’ of 10 ill-trained, well equipped ‘boys’ came and made a ‘mighty’ nation go down in its knees that night. The attack had claimed 173 lives and wounded many more but ‘their’ mission was accomplished with the kind of live media coverage they got. World watched the mindblowing action scenes unfolding on the streets of a great city which is famous for its resilience.

So why did he confess judge asked he said his country has finally owned him. Judge asked him is he under any pressure to confess he said no.

Why does he require any external pressure he knows that he and his ‘team’s’ story will be used by his ‘mentors’ back home to inspire many more ‘boys’. He will be a ‘legend’ in his organization and by confessing and seeking death penalty he’ll become a ‘matyr’ for the cause. A feat which others will strive to achieve.

What the attacked country will do? ofcourse hang him . The victims, their families and the families of brave illequipped policemen who faced the bullet with non-working equipments have nothing to complain as justice was administered by hanging the ‘culprit’. The attacked country’s honest, decent PM will sit down for a ‘dailogue’ with the neighbours for ‘solving’ the ‘pending issues’.

PS: The above account is loosely based on Mohammed Ajmal Amir Kasab’s Confession and description in Wikipedia. Yes Kasab has a Wikipedia entry.

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