Me & My Heart Part-1


706280-Baby040_smallDoesn’t the title sound more like “Main aur meri tanhai”(tr: Me & My Solitude) from the Classic film Silsila(1981). Well I am no Gulzar saab so don’t even think about it. It just about Me & My heart. Interested? Read on.

It was a ‘normal’ Friday like any other weekend I played Table Tennis(Ping Pong) for a long time after office and returned home as usual. Like every Friday night I was looking forward for ‘late night’ sessions but I felt very tired maybe too much of TT and it was gruelling week as well work wise. So instead usual stuff like TV or computer I hit the sack.

I was lying for sometime but sleep seemed to elude me, actually it happens if you try to sleep early on a Friday night. But I was not having the energy to get up so I lied down. In order to make myself fall asleep I started counting in mind 1,2,3….100…200… lost patience started reverse count 200…100…reached 1 but still no sleep. So I started remembering my Gods Shiva, Krishna, Ma Durga, Baba Lokenath etc ….by now my mind was going haywire with frustration and my heart started responding by beating faster. It happens my heart is very responsive it beats faster whether its a hottie or a grumpy manager or in slog-overs of KKR/India. But hey there were no such ‘exciting’ moments so why was it racing? I ignored because at that point my heart was not important my sleep was.

I could hear Bahadur( our area night watchman – the Jaagte Raho guy) blowing his whistle and hitting the lampposts with his stick to drive away the ‘demons’. That meant it was around 1.30 AM. My heart was actually going really fast and was feeling breathless and I was clueless. I was trying different postures but nothing was comforting and I was actually feeling hot and sweating though the fan was on. Now I felt time to wake-up others as things didn’t seem OK as I was feeling hungry and sweating profusely now and I felt it was the end of my story. But I didn’t want to disturb my parents and hoped that things will be fine.

But Dil hai ki manta hi nahi(tr: Heart is not listening), BTW heart never listens right. After much dilemma I slowly woke up my mom as she has sleeping pills and asked her for them. She was surprised and asked if anything was wrong I just said that I unable to sleep so. But you know a mom she would sense and prodded for the reason of sleeplessness. I calmly said nothing just a little palpitation as it already 3 Am and no sleep. She quickly gave me a pill said to take half and gave a tablet to put under my tongue to reduce the palpitations. After sometime still the situation was not under control she gave me the other half sleeping pill and came to my bed and started caressing my chest and praying after all it was her son’s matter of heart. This time things seemed to work maybe that what mothers are for and didnot know when sleep finally overpowered my heart, mind and body.

to be continued…..

Me & My Heart Part-2


Next morning well technically same morning I woke up at 9 AM and was feeling a little better the sleep had probably calmed my heart down. But the moment I started doing any activity the heart was pounding. My parents told me to see the doc as we should not neglect the matters of heart that too now-a-days. So quite reluctantly I went to see the doc. Who examined and saw the BP was high and said to go and get an ECG(Electrocardiogram) done.

So I went to ECG room with my Dad and the technician mistook my Dad for the patient which was quite natural coz nobody expects a ‘normal’ young guy going for Cardiac tests. So after ECG the doctor said things seem to be fine and he gave me some tablets and said to see him after 5 days.  I was on treatment though I was feeling better but still the heart would start pounding at the slightest provocation.

I went to see the doctor again in 5 days and after examining me said that apparently things seem to be fine but it’ll be good if  I go for a couple of tests like Echo Cardiogram and TMT. Though I thought it was unnecessary but like I said parents wanted to be sure and since we have a family history of cardiac problems so I had to relent.

I called up the centre and was given an appointment on morning 8 AM now that was a torture because you see to reach the centre by 8 I had to start at 7 that meant waking up at 6.30 which seemed impossible but with Mom at helm nothing was impossible so I was there at the centre though 30 mins late. Let me tell you I am generally very punctual and never missed flights or trains because they were all in the second half of the day not ‘early’ morning never. Again the dilemma occurred and the attendant started leading my dad and was surprised to see me as the patient.

They said first they’ll do Echo test and then TMT and the cardiologist was a smiling lady who said to me go nude I mean she told me to remove my shirt. See what I had to do for my heart I mean I am not Salman Khan or Arnold but there I had to take my shirt off in front of parai(unknown) lady. Just was wondering what happens to women patients anyway I was told to lie down in a particular posture she started the test and asked few routine question like why was I there in first place etc. Which I answered sincerely. Meanwhile she was speaking with her colleague regarding some issue with commission and referrals. Then she asked me about my mother tongue and seemed relieved to know that she was not speaking in my mother tongue but what she didn’t realize is that though I don’t speak any of the South Indian languages but do understand most of them(psst… don’t tell anybody…it helps me a lot when people reveal their darkest secrets in front of me without fear). During the Echo test I listened to my heart actually I had listened to my heart once earlier when in my home town I had visited our family doctor for some tummy problem(thats most common reason for my doctor visits till date. what else do you expect from a foodie?). So doctor uncle had held the stethoscope to my ears and said to listen to my heart  and it sounded so rhythmic. It was nice to hear my heart once again. Don’t they say we should listen to our heart always well I think we should.

After Echo test I was told by the cardiologist to go to another room for the next test. When I started putting my shirt on she told I have to remove it again so do I need to put it on. I nodded yes because obviously I was no Macho like John Abraham or Daniel Craig and didn’t want to walk bare chested through the reception full of different people moreover the receptionist was married anyway. The TMT is a Treadmill Stress Test and I was wired up and was told to walk on treadmill for about 11 mins at different speeds and elevation. It was quite easy for me as I was already used to treadmills at gym but this time it was with all the wires listening to my heart and trying to figure out its secrets. The cardiologist asked what medication was I on and she said that the doctor had started the medicine without any diagnosis didn’t know whether she was questioning my doctor or complimenting  his prudence. She said report was normal except for one small issue for which I should continue the prescribed medicine.

I went back to the doctor with the reports and he looked at them and started thinking and scratching his beard and was silent. I knew I myself don’t understand my heart how come a doctor will. But my father was getting tense and then the doctor said everything is normal except a small situation or condition. Which he said is not a problem and told a very difficult name for the condition. Why do medical names have to be so cryptic I thought. BTW neither me or my Dad remember the name. Anyway he said that I have to continue the medicine and my heart has grown a little bigger. He explained like we workout to build our biceps similarly the heart muscles had grown a bit. I was wondering what workout did I do previously that built my heart muscles instead of biceps. My dad asked the doctor how did it happen the doctor said it happens in some people and we need not worry and just need to keep taking the medicine to bring back my heart to shape and checking up with a cardiologist once a year or so to ensure everything is fine.

He also said no lifestyle changes required but he would like me to reduce my weight. ahem I myself wanted to do that. Well as the medicines bring back my heart to size clinically don’t you think its always great to have a very big heart literally. Finally if I have disappointed with ‘clinical’ details of my heart rather than a juicy post about my heart’s condition please forgive me afterall it is the story of  Me & My Heart.

PS: You see this is one of the reason why you find me missing from the blogosphere off late. Actually I have started gyming and cannot be up late night and my work is on full swing so no time there as well. So you may find me absent for sometime but I’ll be back with a new vigour. Also an earnest request don’t write “Get well soon” comments as the doctor said its not any disease and I am quite fine just need to be little watchful of my heart.