Coming To You


Dear Darling,

So finally I am coming to you once again. Yes I am so thrilled by the idea of actually seeing you once again the idea is not just sinking in. You know how difficult it is, I need to do so much planning and need to get leave etc, etc and this time I was not sure till yesterday. But now its all settled I am coming though I have seen you in February this year still its a long time.

I remember when I had first told my friends and family that I am planning to leave you they couldn’t believe it. They said you can’t do it. I had laughed at their silliness. I had thought it will be quite easy. I was very excited with the new opportunity and never had time to think of you.

I had shocked myself when I first saw you from above and realized that I may not see you in a long time and did not notice when my eyes got moist. I would have cried had that uncle and his cute daughter not been beside. Men don’t cry right that too in front of strangers. I was very sad but couldn’t understand why?

When I spoke to my friends first time away from you I had said I’ll be back in a year. Believe me I was damn serious but as they say ‘Man Proposes God disposes’ it has not happened yet. For the last 4 years I have come over every year barring 2007, when I could not come for full 15 months. It was awfully long and even more painful when friends showed your pictures. So finally when I saw you it was past midnight but still you looked so beautiful. I was very tired after the long journey still one look at you filled me with full of energy.

I realized how deep you run in my veins when last time I was able to see very closely as I had more time to re-explore you. Anyway I am coming again but its going to be very tight this time as I have a lot of important assignments at hand but still I’ll be with you and that’s the biggest joy. Also after 4 years I’ll celebrate ‘boro din’ (Christmas Yaar) with you.

Looking forward to seeing you once again and reliving those Golden days.

Yours truly madly

PS: I hope you have guessed who I am talking about. No? well its none other than Kollolini, tilottamma Kolkata my home city. Yes I am going on a trip to the city where all my memories good, bad & ugly are. As I said I’ll be hard pressed for time I might be absent from the blog and blogosphere(Enjoy the break guys like Vipul says ‘one less blog to track, read and comment’ 😀 ) till next year. Wish you all a Merry Christmas in advance.

PPS: Please Don’t mind if I am unable to answer to your comments and don’t forget me I’ll be back as soon as possible 😀 . Enjoy a ‘Little snow'(as wordpress guys put it) till 4th January (Yeah I too got it working)

Tag Dasa on : My Life in Numbers


Shilpa and Siddesh had tagged me a long time back. Probably I am the last one to do it in their list but as they say better Late than Never. So here are numbers connection to me or my life.

1. Ondu – Me… Me….Me, yeah Ekam evang Adwitiyam( One and only) … Honestly if you find another Dhiman with a same blog let me know it’ll be amusing ….

2. Eredu – We are two siblings you must know by now ! Remember the Rakhi Oops…Raksha Bandhan post …

3. Mooru – Thats the number of cities I have lived in …. Hyderabad(Born & spent early childhood), Kolkata(city I was raised in, I call it my hometown), Bengaluru (currently where I live)

4. Naalaku – Our family Mom, Dad, Sis & Me.

5. Aidu – Storeys in our apartment building back in Kolkata.(Trivia: Our flat is on top floor and we don’t have lift so that explained why I never had weight issues inspite of gorging on Lifelong !!!)

6. Aaru – Letters in my name D-H-I-M-A-N …Koi Shaque?

7. Yelu – That’s the number of years I am in my profession (Stop guessing my  age …arey Abhi to main jawan hun !!!)

8. Entu –  Thats the distance from my house in Bangalore to my Office which too is in Bangalore (ofcourse if a crow flies from home to office it will travel much less but I travel 8 Kms…because I can’t fly !)

9. Umbattu – That’s the number of Kilos I have to reduce immediately to become presentable. (Abey Khana kam kar apne aap reduce ho jayga !!!)

10. Hattu – Thats the number of books I have targeted to finish by next 2 months (A steep target I must say !!!)

Those of you wondering what those words besides the numbers are, well they are the corresponding numbers in Kannada. If you ask why suddenly I’ll say off late some people or rather organizations in Bangalore have realized the importance of their mother tongue and so Boss Kannadaalli mathad beku…astey.

Ask your Kannada friends to translate it for you 😉 or learn Kannada believe me its the easiest among all the southie languages. [I learnt the numbers within a fortnight of landing in Bangalore]



Well this is another unscheduled posts. What’s up dude getting unscheduled a lot…Ok  before I get on with the actual post just like mention that ‘Chronicles of a Techie” has covered some milestones like its unique visitors count crossed 2,500 *clap clap* and got 150th comment, got a indirank of 77.  Thank you so much  for reading and commenting so regularly Pal, Roshmi, Rashmi, AJCL, Kaddu, preposterous girl, Toya, Colors, Nikki, dazeddiva, Tikuli (OMG its seems an endless list of women, guys now do you get why women bloggers are ‘more’ popular come out of your shell dudes), Sm, Adesh, Mukund and all others who have been very generous with your boquets actually I have not received any brickbats till date *grins*.

Ok enough of Bakwaas(side-talk) seedhi bath(direct point) “Ekta_bondhu”. Well I am talking of days when yahoo messenger used to be  the only “social networking” tool and chat rooms “Calcutta Global Chat Room 1.2,3,…” were real hot. Online dating sating yaar. Being freshly out of university I also wanted to join the bandwagon ofcourse with a false identity I hope you know how it was back then. So I registered in yahoo with an id called “ekta_bondhu” which translates to “One friend”( I was never good with really “kewl” screen names that explains the lacklustre blogtitle and blogaddress).

So with a alter id I logged into Y!Messenger and headed straight to “calcutta Global chat” but the moment I joined the room my screen started getting filled with pop-ups with “Hi, there”,  “Wass up howz life”, “hello, sexy !!! Wanna chat” etc etc I was pretty new to these things naturally got scared so quickly exited the room tried another but again faced the same result now I panicked and thought probably I had activated some “virus” by mistake and started looking around for the cyber-cafe owner lest he sees the “virus” and starts claiming damages. I exited the Y!Messenger itself and ran home to call my gang(those days cellphone was a rich man’s toy and yours truly was still unemployed). After listening to whole tale one my friends who is also called Dhiman cracked it. He said look its your id dude thats doing the game. Well it was “Ekta_bondhu” of which Ekta was interpreted as “Ekta” as in  Ekta Kapoor and bondhu as friend so it stood as Ekta-a girl looking for a friend. What a bombshell combination it was more than enough to unleash those “alpha males” in the chat rooms. I got disappointed and started thinking about new ids but my friends were really excited they wanted to use this ‘killer id’ to have some fun.

So “Ekta_bondhu” actually became a female id used by us(males) to play around with these “alpha males” and slowly learned the art of “wooing” men and that was when I also learned how to step into girly shoes.

Now coming to real reason for so much bhoomika(back-talk) is in my previous post “We are Just friends” Pal and Roshmi thought yours truly was actually a female blogger hiding behind a male id. I feel they had a point as out of 3 fictions that I had put up in this blog two were from a woman’s eyes and what I understood from the responses is that they were pretty convincing hence the confusion. BTW I am taking it as a compliment *bows*, shouldn’t I.

Anyway now that pardah(veil) has been removed from the ‘true’ identity of Dhiman, Ladies don’t stop following believe me its your comments and support that help me step into your side of the fence. And Guys don’t be disheartened by this news , keep following …some more “womanish”  posts may come along. Let me tell you its not that difficult to don a “woman” hat for a man . Isn’t it ? or am I an exception? 😉

PS: Ekta_bondhu had been abandoned by us eons ago(as we ougrew Y!Messenger). So it has been recycled and is currently available on so any of you interested can grab it 😀