Though we commemorated his birthday on 2nd of May but its never late for a post to be dedicated to the maestro. I had first fallen for Satyajit Ray when as a kid I had seen Goopy Gyne Bagha Byne(Adventures of Goopy and Bagha) (1968) which was shown in Doordarshan as a summer special program. The antics of ‘Bhuter raja’(ghost king) just mesmerized me. Then one by one I watched his children’s movies Sonar Kella(The Fortress)(1974), Hirok Rajar Deshe(Kingdom of Diamonds) (1980), Joy Baba Felunath(The Elephant God)(1978). Then when I grew up I watched the masterpieces Pather Panchali(1955),  Apu’s Sansar(The World of Apu)(1959) as the parts of Apu trilogy, Jalsaghar(The Music Room)(1958), Paras Pathar(The Philosopher’s Stone)(1958), directors favorite Charulata(The Lonely Wife)(1964) ,  to name just the few. Infact in no time I became a fan and watched all his films and some documentaries as well.

With his debut film Pather Panchali he put the Bengali rather Indian cinema to the world map of cinema the film won about 12 international awards. He was first Indian film personality to have recieved the Honorary Oscar Award in his deathbed. The man was a true multi-faceted personality a true Auteur. He was script writer, story writer, music director, editor, cinematographer, graphic designer alongwith a director and everything else. He had created two most read characters of Bengali literature Feluda-the sleuth and Professor Sonku– the scientist.
I am very common person and donot have the capacity to talk about his works and mastery. But the best thing I like about him was his ability to tell stories without being very hard on his non-intellectual audiences like me. The more I see his films the more I get overwhelmed. I think he became a part and parcel of the Bengali identity. I can keep blogging about him but most of the information about him and his works are available out there in Internet.

I feel the treasure trove he has left for us will be enriching us for many more generations to come.

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Image from : http://www.satyajitray.org