The Blog-a-tonic for the second edition is already declared and Congrats  IP and Govind for wining also BIG THANK YOU to all who have commented on my post (Its the post that received the highest number of comments in history of this blog!). A Very Special Thanks to Sid for voting my post and opening my account  with 4 cheers this time.

Now the Tag its called The Brand Tag. This one by Shilpa. She tagged me when she was in Ladakh but kept us entertained with her ‘offline’ posts.

The Rule

Numerous brands move us in our day to day life. I think brands are like relationships. Do you maintain a good friendship brand? Are you loyal and caring in your brand relationship?

Take any day in your life and chart out the brands you have used.

Well I thought I am not a brand conscious person but just see for yourself How ‘Brands’ feature in my everyday life…

Colgate Logo


I start my day with them.




They carry me around the city(Not a very loved ‘Brand’ I guess)

cm_images_LG LogoPhilipsLogo_tagline high res

They provide some ‘entertainment’ to my life along with keeping food fresh and last but not least ‘light’ up my world after sundown.


They provide most of the apparels I wear (Mother brand of all popular brands in India).


They are my time keepers/trackers et all.




Its obvious they connect me to people so that I can express myself.(Wondering How was I doing it before them?)




This blog is brought to you with help of all of them. For non-IT readers HP for the computer(Desktop, Laptop), Reliance the Internet provider, Microsoft provides the Operating Systems that run the computers which has a free browser also they have something called LiveWriter for composing blogs (Whoa! Bill Gates without you where would I have been). Finally that “W”, man my blog host(WordPress) without them where would ‘Chronicles of a Techie” been. If I am confusing you then please don’t stress your brains this is not for you.


To use all the about brands I am assisted by them. They are my Bankers, Insurance provider,  Stock broker I mean they are there for most of my finance related matters. Don’t you think its too much dependency in these dicey times.



What do I say about them, partner for Good Times. Just Chill Chill Just Chill…. Cheers !!! These are not present in my life everyday but couldn’t resist to list them.

OMG never realized so many brands make my day. See thats the advantage of Tags. At times they are a revelation. As far as loyalty is concerned in this era of options and competition I am only loyal to myself.

Now to pass this I would tag anybody who has not done it and has read this post. Please do it and see how brands matter in your everyday life or really do they?

PS: Note to the Brands that didn’t feature above, Kindly extend some ‘exclusive offers’, freebies to me. Who knows you too may be part of my everyday life.

Note: Images are collected from different Internet sources and the owners of the Logos are the Brand owners they are used here for referance purpose.N