The Cream and Scum of Blogging


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First of all Thanks to Vipul and the initiators at Blog-a-ton for coming up with such a great idea of community blogging or  marathon of bloggers. So the topic of this first edition of Blog-a-ton is the title. Enough of introduction now lets get to the original topic.


I am a 5 month old blogger and my experience of blogging has been full of ‘Cream’ with not much of  ‘Scum’.

So what I have gained from blogging ? Nothing in cash but a lot in kind. That is kind words of praise from all my fellow bloggers/readers or FBs (Friends from Blogoshpere).

My writing skills are improving I guess. I am able to express my ideas in a better way now. This one’s become a very good hobby. I am learning a lot of new things through the different blogs I am reading.

Honestly after I started working and the bondings with my friends from student life loosened I was more concerned about information and updates about my work and profession. Somehow I was getting out of synch.
Actually in my hometown Kolkata as a student I was equipped with powerful tool called ‘Adda’ that is the informal discussion between a group of people. In those “addas” we discussed every damn thing under the sky and above it too. I find the blogs are somewhat an extension or rather a modern form of the “adda” with a much larger audience.(Don’t we express our opinions and discuss on  so many things in our blogs?)

To cut the long story short its has been a very rewarding experience and honestly after a long time I look forward to something with excitement that is to read and write a blog.

“Scum” till date I have not come across other than the larger Internet bill and inflated power bills and the “dark circles” under my eyes (come on I am still single and nowadays women go for looks as well what say ladies? Should I worry for the dark circles or not?) from those late night session of blogging.

To conclude I must say that I am enjoying every bit of it and hope do so for long. And thank you all for being so kind with me so long, keep raining those comments. Happy Blogging. Bloggers ki JAI HO !!!

The fellow Bloga-Tonics who took part in this Blog-a-Ton are Arjuna, Saimanohar, Dhiman, Vipul Grover, Avdi, Daisy Blue, Sid ‘Ravan’ Kabe, Shankar, Shilpa Garg, Bharathi, Ranee, Ranee again and Pawan. Click on their respective names to read their posts on The Cream and Scum of Blogging. To be part of the next edition of this online marathon, visit and start following Bloga-Ton.

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Second month Wrap-up


Actually I should have written this couple of days back but somehow got delay :(. Nevertheless its been 2 months since I started this blog and WOW the going’s been I must say great.


First things first in this second month I got my first award isn’t it too soon :D. Well THANKS Kaddu for considering me for the honour and I am elated. I am supposed to pass on this award to anyone but the problem is whoever I want to Pass it to has already got it a many times over but I must mention some names here and they are not in any order  Adesh Sidhu, Kadambari Singhania , Pal, Kadambari Iyer, Tikuli, Mukund, Mixedblessings89 and all others who have commented and reviewed in my blog(some of the reviews are there on my sidebar).
A special mention about SM Thank you for being a regular visitor and commenting consistently and I love your realityviews 😀 and AnjieThanks a lot for being my very first reviewer and commenter.
Besides Thanks to my family and my offline friends for your suggestions and opinions (How can I leave them out).

Ok 2 months done and the stats are : number of posts 18+1(way below target I can do better, yes I can), 1200+ visitors , around 34 comments (including my replies 😉  more ). So am I  a rocking blogger? Well no I need to improve miles like I said before.

This month was also spent in reading hundreds(well almost) of blogs and commenting but I realized I am not a good commenter at all most of the times I did not know what to say after reading the posts.
Out to many reviews the biggest complaints were about the lenght of posts(size does matter) and having less pictures. I know a picture is worth a thousand words but I am more of a textual person but anyway I am trying to bring down the size and add more pictures. Point taken.

While reading different blogs I discovered that most of the bloggers are really very good more so with Indian bloggers THEY truly rock.

Talking of Indian Bloggers I must thank ‘Indiblogger‘ for most of my blogger friends are thru it only. One more thing I noticed that Indian Blogosphere is round(gol) that’s because whichever network you follow and reach blogs you end up with familiar names in Blogroll or comments :).
Lastly is there any connection between blogging and putting on weight as my weighting scale is indicating northward movement, Hmmm… needs closer observation.

P.S : Excuse me for not using any major pictures in this post other than smileys.

First month wrap-up


Today I have completed 1 month of blogging … ….

Introduction:This month has been quite exiciting by trying to think on what to post and what to not…
Since I started blogging myself I am getting to know the jargons of the blog world, also about various tools and how actually this blogging stuff works and how it does not.

Stats :10(including this one) posts 0 comments- was a little disappointed initially but wordpress says “It’s okay — there is no rush”so I am waiting……, 150+ unique visitors @ avg of 9 hits perday(paltry) this Apr’09 :D, got some referals as well.

The going till now :

A. Started another exclusive travel blog – as I felt the travel posts are too long and cluttering up the main blog. BTW 10 post include 3 travel blogs which will be redirected soon to travel blog so the count of posts will be 7 but that’s fine I have lots more to post 😛
B. Stumbled upon the 20 in 2009 challenge and jumped into it but I have hit the ‘reader’s block’ so please help me !!!

Lessons Learnt : To be a popular blogger along with being a good writer you have to be a voracious blog reader to know whats buzz around the blogosphere(jargon i learnt 🙂 ). To pull more hits to your site you need to leave comments in others site so that they visit back or link back.  You need to do a lot of networking actually some people blog full time. The blog world is humongous just take a look at this stat from wordpress home page @ 15.25 IST “202,337 bloggers, 148,713 new posts, 37,447,904 words today” OMG millions of posts everyday so to get those hits you a good effort.BTW there are hundreds of ‘How to popularize your blog’ tips and tricks advice just google and you’ll see I am trying some of them lets see what happens.

I am just a begginer in this big world of writing and need tons of improvement in writing skills which I am trying and need reviews and comments would which I believe I would get soon 😀 (Hmm.. confidence 😎 ). Somewhere I was reading that people should develop alternate skills in these times of crisis (recession), so I am trying to do that.  And I am yet to find my niche in the blog world.  So anyone who’s reading this blog please please leave comments so that I can improve and cover my mistakes ….

Final word :Does all this mean I am becoming a serious blogger if not an obessed one ???

Tweet Tweet…Tweet Tweet…

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Catch my tweets on the sidebar here, so ultimately I am also on A wikipedia article on microblogging says

 the most notable service is Twitter, which was launched in July 2006 and won the Web Award in the blog category at the 2007 South by Southwest Conference in Austin, Texas….

I had been using a similar feature in Facebook(Your status feature) but twitter is simply gr8. So from now whatever below 140 chars will be on (anyways they are on the sidebar here) rest larger posts on this blog :D…
so keep checking the tweets ….    

Trivia- Below are some interesting news articles involving twitter, just for time-pass 😉 :
1. Demi’s Twitter post saved woman’s life  
2.  More celebs embrace Twitter
3. Twitter arises from Mumbai ashes

Blog Browsing


This activity started after I myself started my blog…. its similar to browsing Internet where you keep jumping from one page to another by clicking links. I used do it mostly while googling something. It worked like this once the list of searches come I click on link and go the site and then click some link there and continue the process till I end up in a page totally dealing with something else. Nowadays I am seeing that google search return a lot of posts from blogs and after reading the blog some links catch my eye and it takes me to some blog which leads me to somewhere else and finally I am ending up somewhere i had never imagined. Like it happened today I was searching for ‘Hubli to Karwar taxi fare’ and reached a post talking something about it and then after reading some posts I kept jumping from one blog to some other blog and finally ended up in a blog called ’20in2009′. Its a interesting Challenge/contest where the participant has to complete reading 20 books in 2009. I got inspired and took up the challenge. Classic case of  “Jana tha Japan pounch gaye Chin” samajh gaye naa 🙂 🙂 🙂

Revelations from blog browsing : 

  • A good past time activity if not a full fleged hobby
  • Thousands of great writers writing on everything under the sun and doing a great job.
  • I need to buckle up 😀 need improve my writing skills.
  • Good opportunity to learn a lot, like in one of my blog browsing soujourns i ended up getting valuable advice on Financial planning 🙂
  • Lots of free gyan… almost free i mean if you are using somebody else’s internet connection 😉

so if you have time keep ‘blog browsing’ … ghumte raho… aish karo…