Mesmerized- 55 Fiction


The news had spread like a wildfire through the entire locality that she was finally trapped.

Like everyone I too rushed to have just a glimpse of her.

Everyone stood mesmerized by her bountiful beauty. She turned and our eyes met, instantly my world froze.

My mind whispered “William Blake was so damn right”.


PS: This is based on true narration by one my friends who had seen a Royal Bengal Tiger of Sunderbans caught in a cage. He said that such was the majestic awe of the Lady of the Jungle that nobody dared to go alone in front of her cage. And her roar was something that made their legs tremble in fear.

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“What about your promises to me?” She had reminded her husband of their vows.
“Love, let me fulfill the promise to my Motherland this time, for yours I have six more lifetimes’, he had smiled and left for his greatest battle.
She recalled expressionlessly and bowed to accept the gallantry medal  from the President.

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The neighborhood couldn’t bear it anymore. It was an everyday affair he would fight with her and then torture her.

But today he just threw her out in the cold winter night. They had to teach him a lesson now. Seeing the angry crowd, she cried out “Please don’t harm him, he’s my only son.”

PS.: For the first time I am writing a something based on a true incident, I have seen it happen with my own eyes and realized the truth of the statement my grandmother used say “Evil son maybe but evil mother can never be”.

Couldn’t help but posting it on Mother’s day.



He looked up at the sound of the door like always and as usual their eyes met and spoke.  He said “Good Bye Dear! I may never see you again but you’ll remain in them forever”.    She was surprised that he knew though they had never met actually yet her eyes gave away every secret.

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The Power of Red


“Suddenly applying Sindoor today, anything special” inquired her husband. She smiled “Just like that” and hurried to office.

She was at office canteen as usual with her best friend. Waiting.

Then she saw him coming looking nervous but the moment his eyes fell on her forehead he froze completely.  “It worked” whispered her friend slyly.

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If I were a Baby Again


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If I were a Baby Now

I would be pampered Wow!

No need to worry about anything,

Only a cry was enough to set things rolling.


Everyone would want to hold me or play with me

and I would be the apple of their eye.

If I were a  Baby Now,

Everyone would say Wow,

Look he knows this is a TV remote,

and that is a Cell-Phone!


But then I would be very dependent

cause they would be clueless and,

When I cry out of hunger,

would look at my nappy for answer.

Also I would be given only Milk, Dalia & Lactogen

No beer, whiskey or chilly chicken.


If I were a Baby now

to write these lines pen would ask how?

After the awesome poem lets have a mind-blowing 55-Fiction 😉

“See Maa how he’s behaving, Don’t know who’s the father and who’s the son ” uttered Shonali disgustingly looking at the antics of Varun and Tikloo.

“Don’t worry beta it runs in their blood even I had same complaint with your Sasurji” smiled Uma reminiscing How her husband would become a baby alongwith Varun.

Note: Sasurji= Father-in-law

This 55-Fiction is inspired from the poem of the great Hindi poetess Subhadra Kumari Chauhan‘s “Mera Naya Bachpan“. The poem is in Hindi(Sorry non-Hindi readers I couldn’t find an English translation) and if you have not read it then take sometime and read it(non-Hindi reader ask for assistance). Its a classic poem where poetess remembers fondly about her own childhood but her daughter makes it up by making her reliving the childhood through her innocent deeds.

We always wish that we could go back to our childhood/babyhood but truth is we cannot as time only goes forward unless ofcourse if you have a time machine. So what we can do is become a baby or a child once again by being with children(our own or anybody else’s) and becoming a part of their innocent universes.

Regarding the poem I have to say is that its one of the worst written pieces of my life and if you actually have read through it then I really appreciate your patience and courage (Yes you need that to read a pathetic poem.  I must tell you last blog-a-ton we had so many awesome poems so I thought let me try it this time and result is in front of you). I know I’ll  lose all votes because I put it at beginning and people might have abandoned the post itself after first two lines.(Note: I had got only 1vote in one edition… thanks to Sid aka Ravan, So votes do not matter really but reader’s torture does buddy !!!). So Read it, Curse it and Forget it but do let me know how was the 55-Fiction or the post in general?

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Justice Done


slingshot boy1

“Mrs. Roy look what he’s done” pointed the teacher angrily to the Class Monitor’s swollen forehead.

Jojo was standing in corner with his head down hiding his sling. Mrs. Roy pulled his ears and asked angrily “Now why?”

“He tried to pull my pants down in front of the Class” cried Jojo writhing in pain.

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The Daredevil Act


air show

He could see the ‘End’ and the headline “Young Pilot crashed at the Air Show”.
With the aircraft hurtling at .8 Mach and the lever not working what else could be done.

He tried one last time and pulled up the lever, Wow! Miracle! The aircraft straightened and radio blurted “Bravo! That was ‘a’ magnificent maneuver!”

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