We had to wake up quiet early the next day as we had an early morning ship. We were returning by Silja line ship Silja Europa. Our friend’s apartment was very close to the Silja terminal (actually couple of blocks away) so we just walked into the terminal. As we entered the waiting hall we found the ship berthed. It was huge and grand.  Large trucks and other vehicles were going in, it looked amazing.

Silja Europa

Silja Europa

Grand Finale
The return journey was a grand finale to the marvelous tour. The interiors of Europa were grandiose. After check-in to our cabin, we went for a breakfast, which was no less than a four course meal. After stomachs full we headed to the ‘sun deck’, which was much larger space with much better ‘view’. We were passing through the Archipelagos and I felt that the skipping of the Archipelago tour earlier was not quite a loss.
As Europa was surging ahead through the calm waters of the Baltic Sea, a couple tried to emulate the famous scene of Jack and Rose from James Cameroon’ movie Titanic. Whereas, I tried to spot the dolphins like the ones that were swimming ahead of Titanic.
Then we lodged ourselves into ‘seaside café’ with a cold coffee and warm sun. As I was sipping through the coffee, I looked out of window for some of best sceneries of my life. Then we went to our cabin for some rest. I switched on the TV and found a channel was playing the movie ‘Troy’, though I had watched it umpteen times, I watched it again, only difference this time, I was on a ship.
After movie, it was time for some lunch and we headed for the restaurant. The lady at counter assigned us a table which was just below the bridge. That is, we could see Europa’s nose navigating through waters and it was an amazing view. The lunch was lavish and delicious. With our stomach busting literally, we walked into the ‘shopping area’. After browsing through the shops, we purchased some exotic chocolates and goodies. Rest of afternoon I lazed out in our cabin. Ok, enough of words, now it’s Showtime (pictures I mean).




Archipelagos of Sweden


Helipad on Europa



Europa leaves trail

small boat

small boat

Other 'Small boats'

Sun deck

sun deck

The 'sun' deck


Inner lobby of the ship

As, Europa was entering Turku harbor, I spotted a few excited kids on shore running up to the edge of the sea and waving frantically, just as children do to a passing train in India. Though the trip had come to an end but memories of lifetime remained as an after taste. Like, my friend had remarked that this trip has left us asking for more, Stockholm is calling us again. As they say ‘Yeh Dil maange more’…

Finally, before I finish this marathon series, would like to share a thought. While I was researching about Stockholm, I found, besides the talk about beauty of the city, there was lot of debate about Swedish women. That is, how beautiful they are? I would just like to say that in these 3 days, I have seen some really pretty blondes, walking on streets, commuting in public transport or manning the counters. On that note, I am signing off.

PS: I must thank my friend in Stockholm, PB,  for making this awesome trip happen and my friend MS for those spectacular pictures that I have used throughout this series.