Friends, Fellow bloggers as promised in my previous post I was away for a while but now I am back.Β  Yes did have nice trip and there a lot to write about so what I am going to do is spare you guys of a long post and split it up into a series sort of thing. Ok Not to worry it’ll not be many I promise only four including this one. Happy.

One more thing during my stay in Kolkata the little time I was online was spent eliminating Junk mails and replying to the Wishes in Social networking sites. So as a result now the google reader shows 340+ unread blog posts of yours of which I have read some and commented. Hope to clear the pile soon. I’ve been tagged again so got to do that one as well. Also I have an important event coming up in my family so will be busy on personal front and New year also means new work πŸ˜€ (I got to see the trailer today the first work day of the year). What I am trying to say is my online activity will be restricted for some time but I will be around so not to worry.[excuse the ‘Not to worry’ syndrome actually I picked it up from Aparna Sen in ‘Antaheen‘ a Bengali movie.(Review may come soon)].

Last but not least thank you for keeping the traffic flowing onto the blog and yes number of unique visitors has crossed 10,000 (a big round of applause! Cheers!!!). Watch out this space for the series.