Dear Darling,

So finally I am coming to you once again. Yes I am so thrilled by the idea of actually seeing you once again the idea is not just sinking in. You know how difficult it is, I need to do so much planning and need to get leave etc, etc and this time I was not sure till yesterday. But now its all settled I am coming though I have seen you in February this year still its a long time.

I remember when I had first told my friends and family that I am planning to leave you they couldn’t believe it. They said you can’t do it. I had laughed at their silliness. I had thought it will be quite easy. I was very excited with the new opportunity and never had time to think of you.

I had shocked myself when I first saw you from above and realized that I may not see you in a long time and did not notice when my eyes got moist. I would have cried had that uncle and his cute daughter not been beside. Men don’t cry right that too in front of strangers. I was very sad but couldn’t understand why?

When I spoke to my friends first time away from you I had said I’ll be back in a year. Believe me I was damn serious but as they say ‘Man Proposes God disposes’ it has not happened yet. For the last 4 years I have come over every year barring 2007, when I could not come for full 15 months. It was awfully long and even more painful when friends showed your pictures. So finally when I saw you it was past midnight but still you looked so beautiful. I was very tired after the long journey still one look at you filled me with full of energy.

I realized how deep you run in my veins when last time I was able to see very closely as I had more time to re-explore you. Anyway I am coming again but its going to be very tight this time as I have a lot of important assignments at hand but still I’ll be with you and that’s the biggest joy. Also after 4 years I’ll celebrate ‘boro din’ (Christmas Yaar) with you.

Looking forward to seeing you once again and reliving those Golden days.

Yours truly madly

PS: I hope you have guessed who I am talking about. No? well its none other than Kollolini, tilottamma Kolkata my home city. Yes I am going on a trip to the city where all my memories good, bad & ugly are. As I said I’ll be hard pressed for time I might be absent from the blog and blogosphere(Enjoy the break guys like Vipul says ‘one less blog to track, read and comment’ πŸ˜€ ) till next year. Wish you all a Merry Christmas in advance.

PPS: Please Don’t mind if I am unable to answer to your comments and don’t forget me I’ll be back as soon as possible πŸ˜€ . Enjoy a ‘Little snow'(as wordpress guys put it) till 4th January (Yeah I too got it working)