Shilpa and Siddesh had tagged me a long time back. Probably I am the last one to do it in their list but as they say better Late than Never. So here are numbers connection to me or my life.

1. Ondu – Me… Me….Me, yeah Ekam evang Adwitiyam( One and only) … Honestly if you find another Dhiman with a same blog let me know it’ll be amusing ….

2. Eredu – We are two siblings you must know by now ! Remember the Rakhi Oops…Raksha Bandhan post …

3. Mooru – Thats the number of cities I have lived in …. Hyderabad(Born & spent early childhood), Kolkata(city I was raised in, I call it my hometown), Bengaluru (currently where I live)

4. Naalaku – Our family Mom, Dad, Sis & Me.

5. Aidu – Storeys in our apartment building back in Kolkata.(Trivia: Our flat is on top floor and we don’t have lift so that explained why I never had weight issues inspite of gorging on Lifelong !!!)

6. Aaru – Letters in my name D-H-I-M-A-N …Koi Shaque?

7. Yelu – That’s the number of years I am in my profession (Stop guessing myΒ  age …arey Abhi to main jawan hun !!!)

8. Entu –Β  Thats the distance from my house in Bangalore to my Office which too is in Bangalore (ofcourse if a crow flies from home to office it will travel much less but I travel 8 Kms…because I can’t fly !)

9. Umbattu – That’s the number of Kilos I have to reduce immediately to become presentable. (Abey Khana kam kar apne aap reduce ho jayga !!!)

10. Hattu – Thats the number of books I have targeted to finish by next 2 months (A steep target I must say !!!)

Those of you wondering what those words besides the numbers are, well they are the corresponding numbers in Kannada. If you ask why suddenly I’ll say off late some people or rather organizations in Bangalore have realized the importance of their mother tongue and so Boss Kannadaalli mathad beku…astey.

Ask your Kannada friends to translate it for you πŸ˜‰ or learn Kannada believe me its the easiest among all the southie languages. [I learnt the numbers within a fortnight of landing in Bangalore]