I still remember that day when I had gone to hospital to ‘see’ you. I was very excited as I was told that I’ll have a playmate but you were so small and I thought How could you be one . Then I grew ‘jealous’ of you because you had grabbed “my place” which I had enjoyed for four years. I had snatched away the pillow which was ‘mine’ but was given to you and you didn’t protest. I had tried to harm you many ways but you always smiled at me innocently.

Then came a time when you were little bigger and would be walking wobbly behind me and I was proud to have my first ‘follower’.  You were always a quite one and I was the ‘bully’. Well that didn’t mean it was an unequal fight because you were strong enough to ‘strike’ back and mostly I used to retract my steps. When parents were praised for having so ‘nice’ children who never fought and they would just smile knowing how off mark those people were and we would giggle that how good ‘actors’ we were. You liked to refer me by my name and  inspite of being taught to you to call “Dada”. You were Mom’s “spy” and would report to her all my ‘misdeeds’ but I could never complain.

tying_the_rakhi_orig-150x150Those teenage years when my job was to ‘escort’ you and for the first time I understood what a responsibility meant and How the world is for ‘girls’ then eventually you got ‘independent’ and moved to a different city and we would be only talking over phone but still you were one who always called me and not the other way.

Now you have a career and I have the job of being your guide against those ‘office politics’ and believe me I too learn so many things while suggesting you the ‘solution’. Soon you’d be with your ‘soul-mate’ and I sincerely pray to God that ‘he’ keeps you Happier than ‘us’.

Chup_saaleToday when you tied the “Rakhi ” personally after a couple of years as you are here and I gave you that “Chup Saale” T-shirt which I want you to wear and tell the world to “Be Quite” otherwise your “Big Brother” shall take care of them.

I am proud that you are more talented and all the dad’s painting and artistic skills transpired to you. This year Raksha Bandhan is on during the ‘Friendship week’ and you are one of my ‘best’ friends. You know everything but still this blog is now a part of my life and many of my life’s events are being “Chronicled” here.

I thank god for ‘gifting’ you to me and making the family picture complete Mother, Father,1  Son, 1  Daughter. Just perfect.
Do I still need to say “HAPPY RAKSHA BANDHAN” dear lil sis !!!

PS: Wanted to use ‘Rakhi’ in place of “Raksha Bandhan” but nowadays this term in search throws up some other results specially after that “swayamvar” thingie !