Shilpa‘s done this tag as her diamond jubilee post and passed it on.

After doing the ABC Tag I have started thinking about English Alphabets seriously and my favorite alphabet happens to be  “S” and now ‘Some’ of the reasons.

pop_art_S_smallS for Software – This industry is my bread & butter so quite important for me.

S for She – The two most important “She“s of my life are : one who brought me into this earth and other one her daughter. And I am waiting for the third “She” who might add more “She“s to my life.

S for Sorry – A word which I misuse often.

S for Songs – I am a music lover to hilt.

S for Saturday, Sunday – My favorite days of the week.

S for Sumptuous – He he he… You all know why I like this word…. An overweight foodie, who can only fit into his shoes nowadays.

S for Sanity – Which I lack at times I guess.

S for Society – A cinema hall in Kolkata famous for ‘those’ movies.  (I know one of the “She” in my family might read this but I think ‘She‘ knows about it.)

S for S__ – The three letter word which is required to be filled in most of the official forms.

Hmmm… I must stop now because this one taking a different turn and I don’t want my ‘decent’ readers to block me.

So friends thats it for my favorite Alphabet and I know most of you are burdened with “Tags” these days so if you feel you would like to do it then do it.  I am not taking any names here.