Warning this tag is going to be a long one I don’t know why but maybe just something in me made me write this. I was tagged for this one by Shilpa, Subhayan and Vipul. I request readers to just click the links and read their wishes(if you have not read them yet) they are amusing :).

The tag is ” My Wish List , essentially something that I would crave for, and never accumulate the cash to get it” .

Before I get to my Wishlist I am reminded of a poem which I had read long time back and though I never wanted to bring that poem here but I somehow couldn’t stop myself at reproducing the poem which brought out the brilliance of a Bengali poet.
The poem is called “Sei Amalkanti” by Nirendronath Chakroborty. I am sure most bengalis have read it or atleast heard it as it was converted into a beautiful song.

The poem is

“Amalkanti amar bondhu
Iskule eksonge portam.
Roj deri kore classey ashto,pora parto na,
Sobdorup jigesh korle
Emon obak hoye janalar dike takiye thakto je
Dekhe bhari kosto hoto amader.

Amra keu mastar hote cheyechilam,keu dactar,keu ukil
Amalkanti se sob kichhu hote chai ni.
Se roddur hote cheyechilo!
Khantoborshon kaak bikeler sei lajuk roddur,
Jaam ar pamphlet patae
Ja naki olpo hashir moton lege thake.
Amra keu mastar hoyechi,keu dactar,keu ukil.
Amalkanti roddur hote pare ni.
Se ekhon ondhyokar ekta chapakhanae kaaj kore.
Majhe-majhe amar songe dekha korte ashe,
Cha khae,eta ota golpo kore,tarpor bole “uthi tahole”.
Ami oke dorja pronto egiye diye ashi.

Amader modhye je ekhon mastari kore
Onayashe se dactar hote parto,
Je dactar hote cheyechilo,
Ukil hole taar emon kichhu khoti hoto na.
Othocho sokoler echhapuron holo,ek Amalkanti chara.
Amalkanti roddur hote pareni.
Sei Amalkanti,roddurer kotha bhabte-bhabte
Je ekdin roddur hote cheyechilo…”

Rough transalation is

Amalkanti my friend,
we used study in same school.
Came late everyday, could not answer a question asked by teacher
When asked to translate some word
He used be  so surprised and looked out of the window
that we used to feel bad

Some of us wanted to be a teacher, someone doctor, someone lawyer
But Amalkanti didnot want to become any of those
He wanted to be Sunshine!
The soft shy Sunshine that appears after little rain in evening (not exact transalation)
Like the one on the jamun and peepul tree leaves
would be looking like a little smile.
Some of us have become teacher, some doctor, some lawyer.
But Amalkanti could not become Sunshine.
He now works in a dark dingy press.
Sometimes he comes to meet me,
We have tea, we catch up on each other and then he says “see u then”
I see him off upto the door.

Among us who is a teacher
easily could have become doctor,
The one who wanted to be doctor,
could have become lawyer it would not have hampered anything
yet all our wishes were fulfilled, except Amalkanti’s.
Amalkanti could not become Sunshine.
That Amalkanti who always used think of Sunshine
someday wanted to become one.

I couldnot transalate the feelings of the poet as I not great at both the languages( If anybody can do a better transalation is welcome). It does touch you if you really get the words….
Now coming to the actual Tag my Wishlist, Well I can’t beat Amalkanti’s wish can I ? For all other things that I wish there’s Mastercard.

As for Tagging others like I always do its open to all, anyone who hasn’t done this one Please do it and let me know in the comment section.

PS: This tag was done at 5 AM(in my dream I guess)…Looks like Kal raat ki Rum utri nahi. I don’t believe that I could write such an impractical thing, I am a true capri mind you. I am not that antel(intellectual) too but still….