No I am not breaking any news before you start making any conclusions, I am telling that I am not talking about re-release of the Kannada Blockbuster “Mungare Male” in Bangalore. A film about immortal love in the First Rains.


I am talking of “Mungaru Male” which means the First Rain. First Rain brings much needed respite from the blistering heat by the cool and refreshing showers.  Doesn’t First Rain remind us of our childhood days when we used make paper boats and play with them in puddle of water formed across the street or get scolded by mom for dirtying our school dress, shoes by jumping into to muddy pot holes while returning from school.


Then in teenage First Rain sets your heart pounding with love, You want to walk in the rain hand in hand with that ‘special someone’ not worrying about the  world or stealing your ‘first kiss’ in rain. Then sitting in wayside “chayer dokan”(tea stall) and sipping hot tea and hot singara(samosa). Yes First Rain evokes the romantic person in you and you feel a sense of freedom to run around without caring a damn about anything.

But First Rains in Bangalore means beginning of a nightmare. I remember 3 years back when I first moved to this city and in the first rain wanted get wet my local friends stopped me vehemently saying that “Bera appa, Jwara gira agothe yen martia”(NO man if you fall sick then what will happen) very true theres a high possibility of that.

BangaloreRainRain in Bangalore means a road which look like “dried river bed”(a term coined by Times of India to describe the hapless condition of roads) turn into a river which is a driver’s or rider’s nightmare. To add to it all the ‘development’ work start with the first drops of rain as if the authorities here wake-up to the “need” of the hour. Like currently drainage work is going -on in front my house and they have created a huge moat right in front of main gate with just a narrow stone slab(like a draw-bridge in yesteryear castles) to cross-over and reach the road. yesterday nights rain has filled-up the moats and I am just
thinking to release some crocodiles into the moat so that at night when we remove the draw-bridge(stone-slab) no-one(burglars) can think of “conquering” our castle(home). Talking of drains well they are most frightening ones as one of the “Killer drains” snatched away a little boy from his mothers hands last week and the military still is unable trace the boys body. And our civic authority chief when asked about the incident blamed the mother for being careless with her son, Now tell which mother will allow her only child to walk into danger “carelessly”.

rikpluieThe rains in Bangalore happen mostly in evening peak hour(6 to 9 PM) when you are to return home from work but the torrents and uprooted trees throw the traffic completely out of gear making your return to home a real painstaking affair.

Finally the first drop of rain means a instant power-cut and you are sitting in a candle-lit room with incessant rain outside, in this condition all the romantic ideas go out of the window.

I am wondering is it the situation thats making me crictical of the “Mungaru Male” in Bangalore or do I need check my ‘talkai’/’mundu’ I mean ‘head’ in English for Grey hairs to bring back the romanticism of the First Rain.

PS : The title has been borrowed from a friends Orkut status message.
PPS : Technically this years “Mungaru Male” in Bangalore happened a few weeks back but yesterday’s rain inspired this post. As they say “Better late than never”.

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