Sanjay is sitting tensed as another contestant is performing and he is the next one to perform and its final round the chance make or break . Once the other contestant’s performance is over the crowd goes wild and the compere as well as the judges are full of praises about the superb performance. The compere then announces “After that scintillating performance we have our last contestant of the day please put your hands together for Sanjay crowd again starts howling and Megha starts whistling, Sanjay walks onto the stage the compere asks “Nervous” Sanjay nervously utters “not really” compere replies “Sounds gr8,so what are you going to sing” Sanjay looking at the crowd said “Its Dekha na hai re socha na hai re from film Bombay to Goa” crowd roars, Meghna waves frantically. The compere smiles and says “wow another rocking number go on Rock man” the music begins but whats this why is it sounding different something like Bryan Adam’s Summer of 69, Sanjay looks at the musicians in horror then suddenly he feels somebody is shaking him vehemently and he hears Naveen screaming “Abe uth phone’s ringing pickup, phone baj raha utha Sanjay jumps from his bed rattled and gropes for his cell phone which is flashing and singing loudly “I got my first real six-string Bought it at the five-and-dime” he quickly silences the tone and groggily looks at an unknown number and cursing he picks up the call and utters “Hello whos this” a male voice answer from other side “Hey Sanjay its Arvind here, sorry to disturb you were you sleeping” Sanjay looks at alarm clock which shows 2.17 AM, he thought to say “no actually dreaming” but said “Yeah sort of tell me whats the issue”. Arvind is Sanjay’s onsite manager and Sanjay knew a call at that hour meant what.
Arvind says “Yes Actually we have a serious issue. Did you test properly before the release.” Sanjay “Yeah boss I did it why its not working any major problems” Arvind quips “Yeah we’ve got a show stopper here can you please come over to office so that we can work on it”. Sanjay had long stopped reacting with “WHAT!!! U mean NOW !!!” or “Boss its midnight here” etc etc etc so he remarked Okay I am coming”. Arvind answers “Thanks once you get to office give me a call then we can discuss,bye” Sanjay replies “Bye” and disconnects.

Sanjay still dizzy tries to lie down once again. Naveen who was lying upside down with the pillow over his head to block the noise moves the pillow and says Kya hua phir se so raha hai abhi to bola jayga (what happened lying down once again just said you are going). Sanjay little starled that Naveen was listening all this while retorts tu sun raha ta sab kuch (you were listening everything) Naveen turns around and said Kya karun saale teri Bryan Adams ne to sara nashey ka Ma* *$#* diya. kitni bar bola hai ki Friday raat ko phone mute rakha kar(what to do bl*$#* your Bryan Adams has f$#@#* the whole intoxication. How many times I told to mute the phone on Friday nights). Sanjay understood the frustation but couldn’t do anything as Fridays are D-days or R-days as they call it. Its a day when they give releases to the onsite team and naturally nights can become long nights. Sanjay said “Sorry bhai tu to janta hai apni life, chal tu so ja main nikal ta hun“(Sorry brother You know how our life is, come on go to sleep I am leaving). Naveen muttered something which Sanjay couldn’t hear.


Sanjay somehow got up as he was still feeling dizzy seemed night’s vodka was still in his head.  Sanjay started his motorcycle and hit the road with vengeance. While zooming through the empty streets the only  song that started playing in his mind was Andheri raaton mein sunsaan rahoon par…Har zulm mitaane ko ek masiha nikalta hai jise log shahenshah kehate hain (a famous bollywood song which means ‘on dark nights a Messiah whom people call Shahensah roams through the empty street to squash all crimes’). Yes Sanjay was the Messiah who’s zipping through the dark night streets to squash  bugs in a software code which is stopping the show. He felt little happy at the power he held at that point as untill he fixes the problem some people on the other side of the world will not be able to save their a****.
On reaching his desk he quickly unlocks his work station and picks up the phone to call his onsite boss. Arvind answers “Hey Sanjay. Good afternoon so you are there Ok please open the Issue No. 74 and see what’s the problem the program is simply dying down….

Its around 4.00 Am, as the dawn breaks and  yet another day begins in software programmer’s  life, Sanjay readies himself for the battle with Issue no.74

PS : All characters in this story are fictional but the situations bear resemblance with many software programmers lives living or dead.

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