power lunch

Actually our India CEO has become more visible at the cafeteria now-a-days, maybe due to recession/cost cutting he’s forced to have ‘low-cost’ lunch @ office canteen or maybe he’s trying to get pulse of the fellow employees as he recently declared that there’ll be no pay revision this year.

Anyway it happened like this today my friend lets call him Mr. M, was waiting at one of the tables with his lunch box and we were in ‘Q’ for food when the CEO approached the table with the plate in his hand and asked whether anybody is expected in that table. Well this perplexed Mr. M as he didn’t want to refuse the CEO but the table was only for 4 and including Mr. M we were 4 and getting a place for 4 in the peak hour was very difficult. He reluctantly said “Yes we have 3 more people coming”, CEO not minding at all(well atleast he looked like that) moved to a different table. This is a common sight in the cafeteria at peak lunch time when you hover around with a plate-full of food from table to table to learn that people are expected there(unless you have Mr. M in your “Group” to pre-confirm your seats) but a CEO moving around with his plate for a space to eat….. well isn’t he an employee too??

As soon as we got to the table with our food plates , we  started praising his ‘courage‘ that he refused “THE CEO” that too in these times of job cuts and downsizing. We also chided him for missing the opportunity to have a lunch with CEO who could have provided a more profound view of the state of affairs at the helm as it’s the CEO‘s habit of starting a conversation with people on the table with him. To this Mr.M said that nothing to worry CEO‘s  pretty regular now-a-days so we can catch up with him any day :D…hope we have our power lunch someday soon.

Image credit : http://www.cartoonstock.com/directory/p/power_lunch.asp