Actually I should have written this couple of days back but somehow got delay :(. Nevertheless its been 2 months since I started this blog and WOW the going’s been I must say great.


First things first in this second month I got my first award isn’t it too soon :D. Well THANKS Kaddu for considering me for the honour and I am elated. I am supposed to pass on this award to anyone but the problem is whoever I want to Pass it to has already got it a many times over but I must mention some names here and they are not in any order  Adesh Sidhu, Kadambari Singhania , Pal, Kadambari Iyer, Tikuli, Mukund, Mixedblessings89 and all others who have commented and reviewed in my blog(some of the reviews are there on my sidebar).
A special mention about SM Thank you for being a regular visitor and commenting consistently and I love your realityviews 😀 and AnjieThanks a lot for being my very first reviewer and commenter.
Besides Thanks to my family and my offline friends for your suggestions and opinions (How can I leave them out).

Ok 2 months done and the stats are : number of posts 18+1(way below target I can do better, yes I can), 1200+ visitors , around 34 comments (including my replies 😉  more ). So am I  a rocking blogger? Well no I need to improve miles like I said before.

This month was also spent in reading hundreds(well almost) of blogs and commenting but I realized I am not a good commenter at all most of the times I did not know what to say after reading the posts.
Out to many reviews the biggest complaints were about the lenght of posts(size does matter) and having less pictures. I know a picture is worth a thousand words but I am more of a textual person but anyway I am trying to bring down the size and add more pictures. Point taken.

While reading different blogs I discovered that most of the bloggers are really very good more so with Indian bloggers THEY truly rock.

Talking of Indian Bloggers I must thank ‘Indiblogger‘ for most of my blogger friends are thru it only. One more thing I noticed that Indian Blogosphere is round(gol) that’s because whichever network you follow and reach blogs you end up with familiar names in Blogroll or comments :).
Lastly is there any connection between blogging and putting on weight as my weighting scale is indicating northward movement, Hmmm… needs closer observation.

P.S : Excuse me for not using any major pictures in this post other than smileys.