Powerless in Cybercity

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Powerless means without power… the electricity that runs our tv, fridge etc all the stuff. Yet another evening was wasted courtesy to the power cut in the city which is called the ‘cybercity’, ‘the silicon valley’ of India. Three years back when I first moved into Bangalore I was shocked to witness the long power cuts. I mean you want watch tv in the evening kaput …everything goes dark…. u want to a have hot shower before leaving for office no power so, no hot water… weekends plagued by day long power cuts…. all this reminded me of the dark days of my school years in Kolkata when we used study under candle light or oil lamps but that was only in the evenings and that too decade and half back. It was truly nightmarish to relive those dark days in fact worst situation in Bangalore.

Two years back my friend had devised a ‘Curse CM’ formula…. that is if the power went off for more than 30 mins in the evening, he would curse and call names for the then CM and within 5 mins power would be on… don’t if the CM heard or somehow it seemed to work but now with the change of CM its stopped working. Its quite frustrating to have candle lit dinners regularly, you really don’t what you are eating. Specially these summer months are peak of survival woes with no power, no water nothing to do but wait and hope.

It surprises me to see the basic infrastructure (bijli, sadak, pani) issues in a metro like this, especially being grown up in another metro which is far more improved in the bijli, sadak, paani front. Elections come and go, governments change but issues remain. The two things about this city the weather and the people that kept the hope till now, with the weather worsening, its the people who are the last refuge in this city.

BTW there’s a positive side to it this city does not need to celebrate ‘Earth Hour’ once a year…its doing a lot to save us from global warming by following ‘Earth Weekend’ ‘Earth Day’ ‘Earth Evening’ ‘Earth Morning’. Actually I generally don’t rave and rant about things like these but sometimes you get too f***ed up….

So here i am waiting for the next powerless moments in Cybercity ….

Jaago re to the Dance of Democracy

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Jaago re is campaign by an NGO and Tata Tea backed by a number of corporates and media companies. Its gr8 to see that corporates and media trying to create awareness about the fundamental right of citizens of a democratic country. The Lead India campaign by TOI also a superb initiative in this direction. All these reminds me of my late grandmother who at 86 inspite of being bed ridden wanted to be carried to the booth on election day so that she can vote…. who created awareness in her? My Granny is not an exception. I have seen thousands of senior citizens in West Bengal lining up to vote. Where do they get so much enthu ? I don’t know about others but I myself have been voting since I gained eligibility, in all elections right from the housing society to parliament. Did I need a corporate spending millions to teach me my duty ?  I think this has something to do with the environment maybe as I have been raised in a politically aware and charged up state this thing came naturally to me. As elections in my state are no less that a festival but when I see Bangalore nothing of that scale happens it surprises me…

The Gen Y here cares the least about the elections I guess…maybe thats why they need corporates shouting at the top of their voices asking everyone to go and vote, do their fundamental duty. I have also registered with the jaago re  site so that I can vote in my current place of residence but the red tape that I faced did budge me a bit…
so do I say jaago re… vote karo re.. because every vote counts 🙂

Blog Browsing


This activity started after I myself started my blog…. its similar to browsing Internet where you keep jumping from one page to another by clicking links. I used do it mostly while googling something. It worked like this once the list of searches come I click on link and go the site and then click some link there and continue the process till I end up in a page totally dealing with something else. Nowadays I am seeing that google search return a lot of posts from blogs and after reading the blog some links catch my eye and it takes me to some blog which leads me to somewhere else and finally I am ending up somewhere i had never imagined. Like it happened today I was searching for ‘Hubli to Karwar taxi fare’ and reached a post talking something about it and then after reading some posts I kept jumping from one blog to some other blog and finally ended up in a blog called ’20in2009′. Its a interesting Challenge/contest where the participant has to complete reading 20 books in 2009. I got inspired and took up the challenge. Classic case of  “Jana tha Japan pounch gaye Chin” samajh gaye naa 🙂 🙂 🙂

Revelations from blog browsing : 

  • A good past time activity if not a full fleged hobby
  • Thousands of great writers writing on everything under the sun and doing a great job.
  • I need to buckle up 😀 need improve my writing skills.
  • Good opportunity to learn a lot, like in one of my blog browsing soujourns i ended up getting valuable advice on Financial planning 🙂
  • Lots of free gyan… almost free i mean if you are using somebody else’s internet connection 😉

so if you have time keep ‘blog browsing’ … ghumte raho… aish karo…

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