‘Jatra Shuru’  is the name of the “Bhoomi” ‘s first album. “Bhoomi” the uber popular bangla band. ‘Jatra Suru’ means ‘The journey begins’. So do i mean blogging is a journey ? Well isn’t blogging chronicling ones life-the events, the opnions, the everyday stories, isn’t it a sort of on-line dairy or journal ? Atleast that’s what every ‘celebrity’ is doing nowadays. And we say life’s a JOURNEY. As this being my very first post doesn’t it  justify the title.OK now too many words about the title of the post.

Now the question is why I am suddenly blogging ? Actually its not sudden, nothing is sudden.  I enjoyed writing but never got proper time or opportunity to do it. I think writing should come naturally to me as my dad, my mom and my sis all are great writers u now genes. I discovered my affinity to writing when I was in school back then we had to write essays for academics. Thanks to ICSE board & my teachers who allowed me to express my thoughts on different topics and i used to be thrilled to write them though I never got good marks but thats a different story. Here I must mention one my sirs Kapadia or Kapi as he was called by us, its he who really helped me hone my writing abilities that was reflected in my improved grades in ISC(XII). Its a pity that back then there were no computers,blogs,orkut so many of my great essays are lost  forever. 

Then again by the end of my college I was writing thats the most productive period till date thats when I wrote couple of short stories a number of poems and an unfinished novel. I was wise enough to preserve them but I am yet to digitize them. In 2001 -2002 when mobile phones were coming to revolutinize India and I was composing some SMS which were appreciated and were quite in demand.  Some over the top comment was that I could woo anybody just by writing  SMS 😉  but nothing like that happened and again I could not preserve them. 

 Those who created this concept of blogging kudos to them. Here’s a piece of software where you write your ideas, opinions, events just about anything and its gonna be there for a longtime. Also it can be in public domain so can reach a much wider audience. Though I donot expect anybody to read my blogs but still…

Its been a while since I was not at all able to write anything but somehow this idea of having my own blog was in my mind but couldn’t put it to action. Maybe I have been reading voratiously last few days and it culminated in me creating this blog. Now that I have started I’ll try to write regularly as somebody said “There are lots of stories to tell” also I have to finish the novel anyway its gonna be in Guiness Book  for being the novel that will take ages to complete that is if I can complete.

I think this much is enough for the first post……