Welcome my son!

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Welcome to this world. I became a father the day you were conceived (9 months back) but you became my son on 7th of May Two thousand and fourteen  a month before your expected date.
Congratulations for making this journey bravely.  Your grandparents said, you did make a lot of noise but that’s ok you needed to tell the world that you’ve arrived!!! Sorry son for not being able to be there to hold you in my arms and welcome you into this world.
Being the internet savvy daddy to be I had been reading all about how fetuses (Yes that what you were called when you were inside your mommy’s tummy) grow. Just to know more about your life inside your mommy’s tummy. But son I missed listening to your first heartbeat (your mommy was exhilarated), missed your first photo shoot. According to your mommy you made the doctor’s life difficult by refusing to remove your fingers from your mouth and giving a clear shot of your face.  And why not, the doctor should have asked your permission before clicking your pictures.  Thank you son for letting me touch you one day while you were conducting your usual business of kicking and punching mommy, I could feel you. Boy you kicked really hard!  May lord keep you that strong and healthy all your life.
When mommy held you for the first time to feed you your very first meal you looked at her in amazement and smiled. Yes my dear son that wonderful woman is your mommy. No matter what, she’ll take care of you all her life.  Although I am not there with you physically but I manage to hear you registering your desires, wishes and complaints (yes, always it’s me who’s on the other end of your mommy’s phone).  Once again sorry son for not being there but don’t worry soon we too will have our own father – son moments.
Whether I’ll be your daddy cool or another brick in your wall is what you have to figure. But I know you are not here to complete my unfinished sentences (of course, you can if you choose to). Summer sun is scorching where you are right now but elsewhere in many parts of the world spring flowers are blossoming. Like those new flowers I want you to bloom exotically with your new dreams.  So, do I really need to say? “Go tiger! Live your dream.  Let me be the guiding star”.

রাজতন্ত্র / Rajtontro

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ওরা দড়ি ধরে মরে টান তবে রাজা হন খান খান
কাল ছিলো মসনদে আজ সে ধুলো চাটে …
ইতিহাস করে পরিহাস বলে এটাই রাজনীতির রীতি
ঈশ্বর আল্লা তেরো নাম সবাই কে যে সন্মতি দেন ভগবান …
French wine, Russian vodka আর Kingfisher beer মিলে মিসে হয় একা কার
সুদিনের আসায় ওদের তো আগুনের নেই দরকার. জয় হোক ! প্রতি বারি তো ওদেরই সরকার|

Rajtontro (Transliterated)

ora dori dhore mare taan tobe raja hon khaan khaan
kal chilo masnode aaj se dhulo chatey…
itihaas kore porihaas bole etai rajnitir riti
ishwar alla tero naam sobai ke je sonmoti den bhogobaan…
French wine, Russian vodka aar Kingfisher beer mile mise hoy eka kaar
sudiner asay oder to aguner nei dorkaar. Joy hok! Proti baar to oderi sorkaar.

PS:  There is no translation when lines are born out of wine, vodka and beer mix. So, non bangla readers please excuse.


Known Sensation / পরিচিত সংবেদন

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পরিচিত সংবেদন
না যাওয়া পথ, কেমন আছ? আজও জান্তে যে খুব ইচ্ছা হয়,
ভেঙ্গে ফেলা সপ্নের টুকরো গুলি  ছুঁতে যে এখনো মন চায়,
এত গুলি বছর পরেও আবার সেই মোড়ের সামনে দাড়াতে যে প্রাণ চায়,
কিন্তু, আমি কি পাল্টে গেছি? সেই প্রশ্নের উত্তর খুঁজতে যে এখনো ভয় হয় |

Porichito Sombedon (transliterated)
na jawa poth, tumi kemon acho? aajo jante je khub ichha hoy
benge phela sei soppner tukro guli chunte je ekhono mon chay
eto guli bochor poreo abar sei morer samne darate je pran chay
kintu, ami ki palte gechi? sei prosner uttor khunjte je ekhono bhoy hoy.

Known Sensation (translated )
Unexplored ways, how are you? Heart wants to know,
Broken dreams, still want to touch your strewn pieces,
Even after so many years want to stand before that crossroad,
but have I changed? Still, too afraid to answer that question.

Note: As always I tried to translate but could not get it right I think….

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The making

Still remember, I was at my usual place, cozy corner by the window, sipping my black coffee.  A couple was sitting outside with their coffees, hands held and gazes locked. Strong winds began blowing, flash! Clap! Down came large drops, pounding hard. They had to run. Boy tried to protect the girl with his coat, while her red umbrella lay behind. The board washed out in minutes.  The moment froze in my eternal frame. My perfect shot!

Memoirs of a sidekick
Still remember the moment, when you picked me off Macy’s and changed my life.  You had said, when I was around, you felt safe. Ever since, come rain or shine, I was there for you, protecting.
But today’s rain, along with the board over there, washed off many things.
First, it did hurt.  But I am really happy, that you found someone, ultimately. Yet, if you ever need me again, you know where the coffee shop is.

Note: These were my submissions for a 77 word fiction contest in my office quite sometime back, where you had to write a story, poem or non-fiction based on picture in 77 words….

When you are out of ideas you recycle your old stuff like I am doing here ….

It ain’t over yet!


Yesterday, I met him while strolling in the park. He, who was an apprentice learning to weave fables and ballads at the dream factory. A strike by the workers followed by lockout in the factory rendered him jobless. Since then no one heard of him.
He was sitting on a bench lost in different world. I tapped on his shoulders and asked, “Hello my friend! How are you? Where have you been, so long?” He was startled.
“I went on a little vacation.” He answered still lost, “Were you looking for me? Are you missing me?”
“Yes of course. I am missing your fables, now that you are back, do we get to read your tales soon?” I inquired.
He looked up, pointed to the stars and muttered “maybe”. Then, walked out of the park without turning back.
If you are wondering what was the last paragraph all about. Well, it is about my meeting with my alter ego. It is said everybody has one. If you are a writer then you ought to have one. And my alter ego is the one who provides me with words that I weave and I was missing him for some time.
Talking of being a writer, one thing that every writer dreads is something called ‘writers block’. There comes a time in every writer’s life when words turn hostile. Stories just stop flowing and suddenly nothing inspires anymore and you feel helpless. What do you do then? I would say don’t panic; just relax, like they say ‘take the chill pill’. Let the writer inside go on a vacation. When it’s time, suddenly one day you’ll see the spark is back and words will start flowing like never before. It will all come back. I would like to thank my work friend L for  lighting the lamp by asking me to write a blog for our office internal blog .
Lastly, a remarkable year has come to end. The Mayans were not wrong after all, world did change for many of us. Looking forward to another eventful year. Wish you all a Happy and prosperous 2013.
PS: This an extract from a post for my office blog.

Would love to ‘Dhekur’ again!


‘Dhekur’ is the Bengali word for burp. And we burp happily when we have a satisfying meal. Last Sunday I along with my family had been to this restaurant named Dhekur- Seven Hotels opposite Total Mall,Outer Ring road, East Bangalore.

Honestly, was little apprehensive after reading mixed reviews. But that vanished as soon we were in.
The ambiance was quite good and the place is large and spacious. The staff were quite cordial. The music was quite apt as they were playing our favorite Anjan Dutta’s popular songs.

We opted for the Sunday brunch which began with starters namely butter fry, fish fry, vegetable chop & pianji (onion pakora), salad and of-course kasundi and assorted chutneys. The pakoras and fries were fresh and hot from the pan.

For drink they have beer, soft drinks and aam porar sorbot (A mango based drink). The aam porar sorbot tasted exactly they way it should.
Then we had korai shuturir kochuri (peas puri)fresh from the kadai. Yeah! Loved the live counter idea.   This was a big hit with my family.

The main course had steamed rice, pulao, bhaja muger daal (moong daal), alur dom (dum aloo) as vegetarian options and bhetkir paturi (fish), kosa mangsho (mutton) as non-vegetarian options. Then aamer chutney (mango chutney) with papad.

Like it is said all’s well that end’s well…. for desert they had misti doi and chanar malpoa….
Point here is not the menu which is lavish but the taste which is authentic.

Last but not least price slightly on the higher side but it gets justified by the quality of food and service.

I would recommend Dhekur to anyone who want’s to taste ‘real’ Bengali food and hospitality.
Obviously, as long they are consistent, I would keep visiting.

Rating: 4/5

Dhekur – Seven Hotel
Seven Hotel, 39/5, Outer Ring Road, Marathahalli, Bangalore
Ph: 080 65794444, 080 65795555

Interpreter of Dreams

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He tried to hold dreams with his tiny hands,
but, like the sands of time, they slid away.
He wanted to play with dreams as if he did with toys from toy-land,
but ,like the ice-cream they melted away.
He chased the dreams as if they were geese in his backyard,
but at his slightest movement they cackled and flew away.
He wanted to grow up quickly and live the dreams,
but now, he sits quietly in his cell and interprets other’s dreams.

image courtesy:  http://www.alcorngallery.com/LC/images/InterpretationOfDreams.jpg

Vinay Pathak was nothing like Lear


Last Saturday, I had a chance to watch the play “Nothing like Lear” by Rajat Kapoor, an Indian actor, writer and director.  Here, in this post I want to talk about my experience and this is not a review as I think I am not capable enough to do a review.

We had entered the auditorium about 10 minutes before the final bell, almost all seats were gone. The show was houseful.   The auditorium was nice with cozy seats, lighting etc. Actually there were more people than the number of seats so the authorities were having a little tough time adjusting people around. That’s when the director Rajat Kapoor came out to help. A lady close by was almost hysteric and frantically calling her husband to click a picture of the director. Nevertheless as people were adjusting to their seats, Vinay Pathak, the aktorey, as he calls himself in the play, dressed as a clown entered onto stage.

He began by addressing the audience, “It’s not started yet, you can do something else”, and thus began the ninety minutes of brilliance on stage. Vinay actively engaged with the audience with his powerful acting,  immaculate Russian English accent, his comic timing etc., which left audience captivated. Though taking pictures was not allowed, people were clicking from their cellphones and when Vinay noticed, he actually obliged fans by posing for them.

The play is intelligently written monologue.  It is a story based on Shakespeare’s one of the darkest plays, King Lear. It talks about old age, betrayal, tragic father-daughter relationship, travails of foolish love, etc quite similar to original play.

Like I said earlier, I did not realize how quickly the ninety minutes went by and the play was over before I knew. The audience was leaving reluctantly, probably they were wanting to watch more.

It’s going to be one of the best plays I ever watched.

बंजारा रही और वोह एक नज़र (Banjara Rahi aur Woh ek Nazar)


Today, I stumbled upon 3 very old poems written by me  in Hindi at different points of time … when I read them now I found a chord between them …. just wanted to share it here …tried to translate it for non-Hindi readers but it did not turn out as I would have loved to :(

तू तो है राही, चलना तेरा कम,
तुझे तो है मंजिलों की तलाश हर दम…
तो फिर, आज इस मंजिल के खोने पर कैसा ये गम?
उठ  रही,  भर  ले  अपने  क़दमों  में नई दम ,
फिर  किसी  नई  मंजिल  के  तलाश  में बड़ा अपने कदम…
मत  भूल तू तो है राही चलना तेरा कम,
तुझे तो है मंजिलों की तलाश हर दम…

वोह तो है इक बंजारा
न कोई मंजिल न कोई ठिकाना
आज इस गाँव तो कल उस सहर
फिरता है वोह डगर डगर

सब कहते है उससे दिल ना लगाना
उस को तो एकदिन है लौट जाना
फिर भी मिलते है नज़र
दिल को मिलती है हमसफ़र

एक नज़र
तेरे एक नज़र के दीदार को तरसते है उसके नयेन
तू एकदिन भी न दिखे तो नहीं आता उसे चैन
जब तू सामने होती तो मचलता है उसका दिल
धड़कने तेज हो जाती और साँस लेना भी होता मुस्किल
कैसी है बेचैनी क्यूँ है वोह इतना बेकरार
तू ही बता कैसे मिलेगा उसे करार …

Translations in English

Rahi (Traveler)
You are a traveler, traveling is what you do,
and you are always in search of a destination
so, why are you sad on losing this destination
get up o traveler, tighten your shoe laces
get going, in search of a new destination
as you are a traveler, traveling is what you do,
and you are always in search of a destination

Banzara (Wanderer)
He is a wanderer
Without any address or any destination
Today he is in this village tomorrow in some other city
Keeps roaming from place to place

They say don’t ever fall for him
Cause he will fly away someday
Yet the eyes meet
In search of the fellow wanderer

Ek nazar (one look)
Your one look is all he needs
He gets restless if doesn’t see you even for a day
When you are near his heart skips a beat
It starts racing and get breathless
Why is he so impatient? What’s stolen his sleep?
Now only you can relieve him from this current state


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“There he is! It is your chance now, just do it” hissed the sly devil. Marraine hesitated for a moment, he was quick as always but before he could reach for the whip. Bang! Bang! Bang! He slumped down to floor with a thud.

He was still breathing but life was oozing out, yet that didn’t torment Marraine anymore, she had earned her freedom.

“Good-Bye! Love!”. Marraine dropped the smoking gun and walked out of the dungeon into glowing sunrise. ‘Ouch! That was easy.’ the devil smiled wryly.

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